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Globe seeks to be an agent of change in the country by fulfilling our mission to create a wonderful world for businesses, the nation, and you as a meaningful brand of service. This wonderful world is anchored on the quality of service as we take into account the social, environmental, and economic impact of our operations.

The journey on sustainability for Globe started in 2008, and for the past six years, we have been diligently reporting on our sustainability practices, externally-assured since 2009. In 2014, we reached a milestone as we intensify the integration of sustainability principles in our business operations. As an innovative telecommunications company, we continuously seek solutions that will support our sustainability philosophy with initiatives focused on:

We adopt the best practices of ISO 26000 - Social Responsibility, enabling us to operate in a socially responsible way across the organization and seek continuous innovative solutions in creating a wonderful world for you.

Our internal communication channels were used to educate Ka-Globe employees on the importance of sustainable development for the organization. We have integrated sustainability attributes in various innovation and recognition programs to engage our internal stakeholders which include Customer First Circle, iSpeak, and the Innovation Month.

Download Globe Telecom's GRI Index here.

We care for the environment
We care for our people
We have positive societal impact
We provide meaningful products and services

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