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Hold on to your seat as Mija takes you on an adventure to save Okja. Watch your faves and binge on TV series, relive blockbuster movies, and discover documentaries at home or on the go, anytime with Netflix. You also get to enjoy:

Netflix originals

High-definition quality
TV shows and movies

Your favorite flicks on
your TV, computer, or
mobile phone


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How to add a Netflix subscription to your existing Globe ThePLAN bill:

Step 1. Send "NETFLIX" to 8080 or click "Verify Now" on this page.

Step 2. Verify your mobile number using the one-time PIN.

Step 3. Select your desired Netflix product.

Step 4. Create and complete your Netflix account. Enjoy!

*The 30-day trial is available only for new Netflix accounts.

Once the 30-day trial period ends, you'll be charged a monthly fee for your Netflix subscription, according to the Netflix variant you selected. Should you not wish to continue with your subscription, simply opt out within the 30-day trial period and you will not be charged.


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