Ryan Gersava

Virtualahan is a platform designed for people with medical condition and disabilities who experience employment discrimination. It provides training for online work or as remote employees for digital start-ups around the world.


James Centenera

TULA is an after-school learning center chain that teaches its learners math concepts and guides them step-by-step in solving problems. It also helps children develop and hone the ideal character traits and attitudes for success in school and beyond.


(JB Tan)

iVolunteer provides a platform to recruit, engage, and manage volunteers for NGOs in the Philippines.


Spark Project
(Patrick Dulay)

The Spark Project is a Filipino-based crowdfunding website and community for local entrepreneurs, changemakers, and doers. It showcases projects to like-minded people who are willing to pitch in money for something compelling and worthwhile.


(Lorenz Joe Dela)

Eskwelanihan is an online resource-matching and crowd-caring platform that aims to generate support in addressing education-related challenges by connecting donors with the beneficiaries.


Good Code
(Carl-Myer Flor)

Good Code is a pop-up school focused on teaching coding to school-aged kids. Through coding, kids can also learn how to solve problems with the use of technology.


(Kevin Facun)

Milktrack is a platform that aims to provide premature or sick babies with breastmilk that can be sourced and delivered.


(Oscar Ryan Santillan)

Wooper SMS is an interactive kiosk which lets the user send an emergency SMS. In addition, it also functions as an earthquake alarm system.


Liser Robotics
(D. Pascua)

Liser Robotics uses educational robots to teach high school kids about robot hardware and programming. This affordable robotics platform aims to help increase the kids' interest in science and engineering.


(Fleire Castro)

BloodLife.PH is an online platform that connects Filipinos in need of blood with potential donors.