Get GCash via BPI Express Mobile.

Enjoy the ease and convenience of cashless transactions even more. With your mobile phone, you can transfer cash from your BPI account to your GCash via app, SMS, or call.

How to load your GCash via BPI Express Mobile:

Step 1: Register your mobile number and BPI account. Simply text ENROLL<space>ACCOUNT #<space>JOINT ACCOUNT INDICATOR and send to 2274. Registration is FREE, but prepaid subscribers need to have at least P1.00 load.

Your account number is the 10-digit number on the signature panel of your ATM card. The joint account indicator is the 2-digit number in the lower right portion of your ATM card.

Step 2: Visit any BPI ATM, insert your ATM card, and key-in your PIN. Select SPECIAL SERVICES > ACTIVATE ENROLLMENT > ECONNECT – SMS ENROLLMENT to complete your enrollment. You will receive your 6-digit BPI MPIN within 24 hours.

Step 3: Dial *119# or *143# to start transacting!

- For *119#: dial *119# > Select BPI > Select GCash Transfer > Enter your BPI Express Mobile 6-digit MPIN > then select the enrolled BPI account where you wish to transfer from.
- For *143#: dial *143# > Select GCash > Select Cash-in > Select Bank account > Select BPI > Select Continue > Enter the amount you would like to transfer > Enter your 6-digit BPI Express Mobile MPIN > then select the enrolled BPI account where you wish to transfer from.

Certain charges may apply depending on the transaction you make.

Pricing Table:

Transaction Airtime Fees Bank Fees
TransactionBalance Inquiry Airtime FeesP2.50 Bank Fees0
TransactionFund Transfer Airtime FeesP2.50 Bank Fees0
TransactionBills Payment Airtime FeesP2.50 Bank Fees0
TransactionReload Phone Airtime FeesP2.50 Bank Fees0
TransactionReload Others Airtime FeesP2.50 Bank Fees0
TransactionChange MPIN Airtime FeesP2.50 Bank Fees0
TransactionGCash Transfer Airtime Fees  Bank Fees 
Transaction- Cash in Airtime FeesP1.00 Bank FeesP1.00
Transaction- Cash out Airtime FeesP1.00 Bank FeesP70.00 or 1% of the transaction amount, whichever is higher

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