Unleash your gaming passion with GCash American Express® Virtual Pay! Buy games, download updates and add-ons instantly, and join the worldwide gaming community via Steam, PlayStation US, Xbox US, Google Play and iTunes, even without a credit card.

With GCash American Express® Virtual Pay, you'll be able to:

  • Pre-order games from online stores right away.
  • Join gaming sales, such as the Xbox Store's Sales & Specials and the US PlayStation Store's Flash Sales.
  • Get Downloadable Content (DLC's) and add-ons for your favorite console or PC game.
  • Buy top-up credits for your game accounts instantly. Say goodbye to expensive reseller markups.
  • Add funds to your game wallet via PayPal US.
  • Charge your apps and media purchases automatically to your Globe Postpaid Bill. Learn how the Charge-to-Bill service works.

Choose your favorite online store now. Put your gamer face on and start playing!

*A PayPal US account is required for Xbox Store and Playstation US Store.
  Learn how to link your GCash American Express® Virtual Pay to a PayPal account.


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American Express

American Express is a trademark of American Express and this Virtual Pay is issued by G-Xchange, Inc., pursuant to a license from American Express.

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