Paying Bills

  1. Access *143# or the GCash App.
  2. Choose the Pay Bill option.
  3. Follow the instructions as prompted.

This is available to Globe and TM subscribers. Make sure that you have enough GCash in your mobile wallet to use the service.

Buying Load

  1. Access *143# or the GCash App.
  2. Choose the Buy Load option.
  3. Follow the instructions as prompted.

You'll enjoy as much as 8% rebate every time you use GCash to buy load for yourself or others. For example, buy P100 load and get P8.00 rebate. Postpaid subscribers may also use GCash to buy load for Prepaid subscribers.

You can purchase a minimum of P10 for Globe or TM to as much as P10,000 worth of load per day!

Globe/TM Load Expiration Guideline

Php 10 3 days
11 to 50 15 days
51 to 100 30 days
101 to 150 45 days
300 75 days
500 & 1,000 120 days

SMART, Sun, and Talk 'N Text loads may also be purchased via GCash.*
*8% rebate does not apply.

Shopping Online

Shop from international sites like Amazon and app stores like iTunes US using your GCash American Express® Virtual Pay account linked to your GCash wallet. You can also have your purchases delivered straight to your doorstep.

To register:
  1. Simply download the GCash App or visit
To shop:
  1. Fund your GCash wallet through any of the following:
    • Online bank transfer
    • Mobile phone banking
    • BancNet ATMs
    • Globe Stores and partner outlets
  2. Select "American Express" as your mode of payment.
  3. Key-in your account details such as account number, U.S. address, and U.S. telephone number.
To access your account details, try any of these:
  1. Dial *143# > GCash > GCash American Express Virtual Pay > View Details
  2. Download the GCash App for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry users.
  3. Use the Digital Handbook.
Sending/Receiving Money

To register:
  1. Access *143# or the GCash App.
  2. Choose the Send Money option.
  3. Follow the instructions as prompted.

Note that you need to be a KYC'ed GCash subscriber to do this transaction.

Your recipient must be a Globe or TM subscriber to receive GCash.

To convert GCash to cash, your recipient must be registered to GCash. He/She may go to any of over 7,000 GCash outlets nationwide or use the GCash Card to withdraw from any of the ATMs nationwide.

Note that you need to be a KYC'ed GCash subscriber to do this transaction.

Paying Government Taxes

With GCash, you can experience real time assessment and payment of your Real Property Taxes from your home or office.

The Quezon City Government can now approve and certify payment of Real Property Taxes via GCash. Learn More about this fast and secure service.

Once you're registered to GCash, it's time to put funds in your GCash wallet. Simply convert your cash to GCash through any of the 10,000 GCash outlets nationwide..

  • Online Bank Transfer
  • BancNet ATMs
  • Mobile Phone Banking
  • GCash Outlets
    • Globe Stores
    • Globe Load Distributors
    • Puregold
    • SM Department Stores
    • Partner Rural Banks
    • Partner Pawnshops

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Make GCash transactions for FREE or enjoy service fees as low as P10 per transaction.

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Turn your mobile phone into a virtual wallet. With GCash, experience safe and convenient money transactions at the speed and cost of an SMS.

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