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What is Globe's latest postpaid plan?

Globe's latest postpaid plan - ThePLAN - is now better than ever. You get:

  • Larger than life data allowances
  • Affordable call and text offers
  • More flexibility to mix and match different services to fit your needs
  • You can partner the plan with a device (comes with 24 months' contract)
  • More consumable amount when you avail the SIM-only version
What are ThePLATINUM Plans?

ThePLATINUM Plans are enhanced plans designed to give you, our Platinum customer, the best that Globe has to offer.

We've prepared two options for you: A plan to partner with your device, and a line-only version when you don't get any device.

Can Globe customers get discounted tickets to The West Side Story and The Sound of Music?

Yes! You can enjoy the exclusive 20% discount for bundled "West Side Story" and "Sound of Music" tickets or 10% off single-ticket purchase from March 13-19, 2017.

What is SurfAlert?

SurfAlert is a free service that protects your load from unexpected browsing charges. When your SurfAlert is on, your browsing will be put on hold and you'll receive free alerts when your mobile phone or device tries to connect to the internet and any of the following conditions are met:

  1. Your surf promo has expired
  2. You already used up your data allocation from your surf promo
  3. You're not registered to a surf promo
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