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What's this Paperless Billing promo all about?

In line with Globe's commitment to provide the best customer experience in bill statements delivery and help save the environment at the same time, customers who are on Paperless Billing by July 31, 2015 get a chance to win a Samsung Lifestyle bundle that includes the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 - 1 per winner
  • Spotify Premium - 1 month
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS - 1 month
  • GoSurf 999 - 1 month
  • Globe Rewards - 2,000 points
  • GMovies - 1 movie deal for 2
  • GDeals - 1 restaurant deal
What is the new myLIFESTYLE Plan?

myLIFESTYLE Plan is the newest plan offer from Globe Postpaid. With it, everything will be simpler as there will only be one plan: all-month calls and texts to Globe/TM for only Php499.

Other services can be availed on top of it, also known as Promo Packs (formerly Boosters), so you can still customize your plan to fit your lifestyle and needs. Best of all, the more promo packs you add, the better the handset you can get. It's that simple!

What is the NBA League Pass?

With the NBA LEAGUE PASS, Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, TM, and Tattoo On-the-Go customers get live and on-demand HD access to all games played during the NBA regular season, playoffs, Finals, All Star Weekend, and most of the pre-season!

And aside from that, all games previously played during the current and prior NBA season will also be at your fingertips through our game archive!

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