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So it's true? Free Facebook is back? Wow!

Yep, Free Facebook will be available within the week of September 29! You can again enjoy free access to Facebook on your phone via the official Facebook mobile apps and the Facebook mobile site (m.facebook.com). Share, like, and post on FB all for free once again!

When will the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus be available in Globe? For how much will you be selling them?

Apple has yet to announce the official launch date for the Philippines, but don't worry, you can be one of the first customers to know about the latest updates and information on our new offers! Just send "iPhone" to 26825 for free!

You can also visit the official Apple website for more information about the latest Apple products.

Will Globe carry the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

Yes! We will carry the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You may watch out for announcements on the pricing and date of availability through the Globe website.

Can I already make a reservation for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

If you want to be the first to own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you can register your interest at samsungnote4.globe.com.ph from October 14 to October 18, 2014. Here, you can register so we can inform you of the latest news on Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Just take note that this will not mean guaranteed reservation.

Why is the Fair Use Policy being implemented?

Your network is a shared resource used by all Globe subscribers. We want to protect the experience of 97% of our base against the 3% who take up more than their fair share of our network bandwidth.

Those who are most likely to be affected by the Fair Use Policy are those who use peer-to-peer applications to download large files, use their mobile phone as a personal hotspot, or stream videos heavily on a daily basis. These activities use up a majority of your network bandwidth, affecting other subscribers.

We assure you that your line or your mobile internet service will not be cut when you reach the 1GB/day or 3GB/month threshold for Postpaid subscribers and 800MB/day threshold for Prepaid users. Your internet speed will just slow down to make sure that others can also enjoy our shared resource.

If you reach the 1GB/day or 800MB/day threshold, your speed will go back to normal at 12:01AM the next day. If you're a Postpaid user and you reach the 3GB/month threshold, your speed will temporarily decrease, and go back to normal at the start of the next month.

Don't worry, our Fair Use Policy is in compliance with global industry practice, and telecommunications companies all over the world implement this.

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