*143# FAQs

What is *143#?

*143# is a user-friendly and easy to use self-service menu. This will allow you to quickly get information on promos and offers. It will also help you with basic account management and subscription transactions without the need to remember complex keywords or varying access numbers.

How do I get this self-service menu?

To access the menu, you just need to dial *143# for free and press the call button on your phone. Using the services and making selections is simple as well; just enter the corresponding number of your preferred option and follow the clear directions prompted on the screen. Once a transaction is completed, the session will automatically end and you will receive a text message to confirm the transaction.

Is it available to Prepaid/Postpaid/TM/broadband customers?

*143# is available to Globe Postpaid, Prepaid, TM, Platinum and Business customers. It will be available to our broadband customers soon.

Who can use this service?

All active Globe Prepaid and Postpaid customers will be able to use the service.

What are the available services that can be accessed through this?

You can check your account details like load balance for Prepaid, outstanding balance for Postpaid, data usage and rewards points. Also, you can subscribe to all types of promos like call, text, surfing, roaming and even create your own promo. Sharing of load or promo and even managing your GCash account is available in *143#.

In activating promos, how will I know if it is activated? Will I receive a notification?

Yes. You will be sent a text message advisory once the promo of your choice is processed or activated. Your load balance will not be deducted unless you've received the SMS confirmation.

Is *143# applicable to all models of mobile phones?

Yes. As long as the phone is accessing a network signal. This is also available on roaming abroad using other signal.

Is there a charge to access *143#?

Accessing *143# is completely free even abroad.

Is there a maintaining balance to use this menu?

*143# does not require a maintaining balance. You can even use it without load.

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