Globe Rewards and AirAsia BIG Final Call

What is the offer about?

From March 6 to 12 2017, AirAsia will be offering a seat sale where you can enjoy big discounts on your seats using AirAsia BIG Points.

Take advantage of this special promo now by exchanging your Globe Rewards points to AirAsia BIG Points!

Who can avail of this offer?

All Globe customers with Globe Rewards points and all BIG Loyalty Program members with BIG Loyalty Points are qualified to avail of the promo.

Not yet a BIG member? You can sign up for free at

What seats are available at a discounted price?

Here's a list of flights and the amount of Globe Rewards points you'll need to covert.

Fly From Fly to BIG Points needed (Regular offer) BIG Points needed (Discounted offer) Globe Rewards points equivalent
Manila Hong Kong 10,500 1,510 504
Manila Macau 10,500 1,510 504
Manila Kota Kinabalu 10,500 510 170
Manila Cebu 6,500 1,010 337
Manila Davao 6,500 1,010 337
Manila Kalibo - Boracay 6,500 1,010 337
Manila Puerta Princesa - Palawan 6,500 1,010 337
Manila Tacloban 6,500 1,010 337
Manila Tagbilaran 6,500 1,010 337
Kuala Lumpur Manila 16,500 3,000 1,000
Manila Seoul 20,500 4,010 1,337
Manila Taipei 10,500 3,010 1,004
Cebu Singapore 16,500 3,010 1,004
Cebu Seoul 20,500 4,010 1,337
Cebu Taipei 10,500 1,510 504

For more info on available flights, you can visit the AirAsia page here.

What are the travel dates covered in this offer?

The seat sale is valid for the travel dates of March 6 to April 30, 2017.

How do I convert my Globe Rewards points to AirAsia BIG Points?

To convert your Globe Rewards points to AirAsia BIG Points, simply text REDEEM <keyword> <BIG Account No.> to 4438.

Here's a list of Keywords below:

Keyword Description
BIG300 Convert 100 Globe Rewards points to 300 BIG Points to redeem AirAsia flights!
BIG900 Convert 300 Globe Rewards points to 900 BIG Points to redeem AirAsia flights!
BIG1500 Convert 500 Globe Rewards points to 1,500 BIG Points to redeem AirAsia flights!

To learn more about converting your Rewards points to AirAsia points, go here.

How early should I convert my points to be able to avail of the promo?

Conversion of Globe Rewards points to BIG Loyalty points normally takes 7-10 days, but for this promo only, conversion will only take 3-4 working days when you convert your points from February 28 to March 6!

Make sure to convert your points early to give you enough time to get your BIG points during the sale.

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