Bill Protect

As more entertainment content becomes readily available on mobile devices, today's data consumption has also considerably changed.

Despite this, some customers may not be aware that their usage has increased while still subscribed to their old data plans.

For these reasons, Globe Postpaid has launched Bill Protect, designed such that all customers are protected from irregularly high data charges. Customers who will be needing more than what they're currently getting from their data plans may opt to switch to ThePLAN, which has bigger data allocations.

What is Bill Protect?

The Bill Protect feature protects all our customers from incurring irregularly high data charges especially if they're not conscious of their data usage.

Once you've consumed your GoSURF or AddSURF allowance, you'll still be able to continue browsing on pay-per-use* of up to P1,500**. This allows you to stay online and use data without worrying about data charges.

*Pay-per-use is the payment method for paying only for what you use. For data usage on Globe Postpaid, it is at P2 per MB.
**P1,500 is approximately 750MB of data.

How does Bill Protect benefit me?

Bill Protect ensures that all of our customers are protected while using data and are not billed unreasonably high on pay-per-use charges.

Depending on how you use data, we recommend that you get the right data plan. You may consider shifting to Globe Postpaid's ThePLAN, which offers bigger data allocations.

Will I still be able to use data on my device when I reach P1,500?

Once you've used up your GoSURF data allocation and have also reached the Bill Protect limit of P1,500, you'll still be able to surf. However, if your usage becomes excessively high, you may experience slower browsing speed (maximum of 128 kbps) since usage from hereon is already over and above the data allocation you paid for.

If you're on Globe Postpaid's ThePLAN, you can easily add more data to your plan by subscribing to AddSURF for as low as P99 for 1GB. Check out AddSURF here.

Do I need to register to enjoy the Bill Protect feature?

A Globe Postpaid plan with a GoSURF data subscription already comes with the Bill Protect feature. Bill Protect only takes effect if you go over your GoSURF data allowance and are switched to pay-per-use at P2 per MB. This way, you're assured that you're protected from irregularly high data charges and are only billed no more than P1,500.

How do I monitor my data usage?

You may use your local data applications on your device to monitor your usage. We highly recommend you learn the data monitoring tool available in your respective devices – whether iOS or Android.

You may also use Globe self-service channels such as MyAccount and *143# to check your usage. Under *143#, you can go to MyAccount > Mobile Internet Usage > Check my latest mobile internet promo usage and select your GoSURF offer.

If you notice you're constantly going beyond your current GoSURF data allocation, you may want to consider moving to ThePLAN as this offers higher data allowances.

Will I be notified when I consume 100% of my data allocation?

You may turn on SurfAlert for notifications in two ways:

Text SURFALERT ON to 8080 for free.

Dial *143# for free then go to My Account, select Mobile internet usage, and choose TURN ON mobile internet alerts.

Is this also applicable to Tattoo/MyFi Plans?

Yes. All Globe Mobile Plans will have the Bill Protect feature.

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