Bruno Mars Fly Out Promo

What's this promo all about?

This gives Globe customers a chance to win instant load daily or a trip to watch Bruno Mars' concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada in the grand draw.

Sounds great! Who are eligible to join the promo?

The promo is open to all Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, and TM customers.

How long will this promo run?

This promo runs from March 27, 2017 to June 7, 2017.

Cool! How can I join?

It's easy! You just need to register to the Bruno Mars Fly-Out Promo and download or subscribe to the following music services:

  1. Featured ringback tones or full-track music service
  2. Music Voicetext subscription service
  3. IVR-Karaoke Idol service
  4. GoSurf/Spotify from Globe

To register to the promo, simply type the following information in the format and sequence shown below, and send to 2370.

BM REG <full name/age/address>
Example: BM REG Ana Sy/25/15 Ortigas St., Pasig City

I want to join! What are the prizes and how can I win?

P10 instant load will be awarded to a lucky customer everyday, if he/she subscribed to the Bruno Mars featured ringback tone bundled with Karaoke Idol or opts in to other participating stand alone music services. Load prizes are open to prepaid customers only.

You can also be one of the two lucky customers who will enjoy a trip to Vancouver, Canada to watch the concert. Only registered customers are qualified to win ticket prizes and should have a valid passport.

Wow! How can I earn entries?

Each music download or subscription via 2370 will earn corresponding raffle entries. Customers who will avail of Spotify (stand-alone or bundled with GoSURF) through Globe will also be awarded with the corresponding raffle entries below:

Product/Content Frequency/Duration Tariff Equivalent Raffle Entry
Ringback Tone 5 days P5 5
Ringback Tone 15 days P15 15
Karaoke Idol Daily P5 5
Love Pack (FTM) Weekly P30 30
Love Pack (FTM) Weekly P10 10
Music VoiceText Daily P2.50 3

To download or subscribe via 2370, enter the following information in the correct format and sequence as shown below.

Syntax: Text <keyword> and send to 2370

Product/Content Frequency/Duration Tariff Equivalent Raffle Entry
Spotify20 1 day P20 20
Spotify30 2 days P30 30
Spotify99 7 days P99 99
Spotify129 30 days P129 129
Spotify299 30 days P299 299
GoSurf50 3 days P50 50
GoSurf299 30 days P299 299
GoSurf599 30 days P599 599
GoSurf999 30 days P999 999

To register to Spotify (stand-alone or bundled with GoSURF), simply text the keyword/product of your preferred offer and send to 8080.

Keyword (Postpaid) Keyword (Prepaid) Validity Price
SPOTIFY 20 SPOTIFY20 1 day P20
SPOTIFY 30 SPOTIFY30 2 days P30
SPOTIFY 99 SPOTIFY99 7 days P99
SP129 SP129 30 days P129
SPOTIFY 299 SPOTIFY299 30 days P299
GOSURF50 3 days P50
GoSURF299 30 days P299
GoSURF599 30 days P599
GoSURF999 30 days P999

Entries with the correct syntax on 2370 will receive a SMS confirmation of their entry. For those who availed of Spotify (stand-alone or bundled with GoSURF) via Globe access code, customers will receive a confirmation of their entry from 2370, 1-3 days after their availment.

All paid subscriptions to participating music services including renewals are qualified to earn entries.

Bruno Mars Ringback Tones (RBTs)

Song Title
Versace On The Floor
24K Magic
That's What I Like
Just The Way You Are
When I Was Your Man
Locked Out Of Heaven
The Lazy Song
Marry You
Count On Me
Our First Time
Calling All My Lovies
Young Girls
Runaway Baby
It Will Rain
Liquor Store Blues
Other Side
Somewhere in Brooklyn
Straight Up and Down
Talking to the Moon
Too Good to Say Goodbye

*Free for 5 days, P15 for P15 days after trial period.

VoiceText; IVR-Karaoke Idol and Full Track Music Download Subscription

Service Name Description Registration Instructions Price and Frequency
Music VoiceText Warner Music songs that can be listened to via IVR with free SMS trivia on Warner Music artists Text ON MUSIC to 2370 or Dial *0330921 Free for the first day, P2.50 per day after trial
LovePack Full Track Music Subscription bundle featuring the latest love full track music with FREE Voicetext love advice from Mr. Fu and FREE SMS love quote Text ON LOVEPACK to 2370 Free for the first week, P30 per week after free trial
Karaoke Idol Subscription to Karaoke type of service Text ON IDOL to 2370 or Dial *033094365 Free for the first day, P5 per day after trial
I see. How will the winners be chosen?

Winners of the P10 load will be chosen if their transaction time matches with the predetermined time and sequence when the prizes are seeded.

For the trip to watch the concert of Bruno Mars in Vancouver, Canada, 2 winners will be chosen from the qualified entries received within the promo period. One winner will come from the qualified entries from GoSurf/Spotify (stand-alone or bundled with GoSURF) promo, while the other winner will come from the qualified entries from the 2370 subscriptions.

What if I cannot go to Canada? Are the prizes convertible to cash?

Prizes are not convertible to cash, but are transferrable. If the chosen winner/s cannot avail of the travel prize and will not be able to transfer it, buffer winners will be considered.

Can I win more than once?

Load winners can only win once a day during the promo period, while winners of the trip package can only win once.

Exciting! When and where is the grand raffle draw?

It will be on June 13, 2017 from 4 PM to 5 PM at Glyph Studios, Inc.'s office located at 10F, 1003 Orient Square Building, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

What happens if I win?

You will be notified by a text from Glyph Studios Inc.'s access number: 2370. For trip winners, they will receive an additional call from Glyph Studios Inc.'s authorized representative and a notification via registered mail.

How will I redeem my prize if I win a trip?

You must present the following when claiming their prize:

  1. A congratulatory text coming from Glyph Studios Inc.'s Access Numbers for Globe and TM customers;
  2. A valid ID with picture and address;
  3. The SIM card used for the entry submitted;
  4. The registered mail received by winner from Glyph Studios, Inc.
  5. Additional Requirements:
    1. If the name of the customer indicated in the Globe billing system as being the postpaid customer is different from the name of the sender of the winning entry of the Promo, the sender of the winning entry of the Promo will be qualified to receive the prize if he submits an affidavit from the postpaid customer certifying that the said postpaid customer has authorized the winner to use his postpaid SIM card to join the Promo and that he waives his right to the prize in favor of the winner.
    2. If the drawn postpaid SIM card number corresponds to a subscription of a company, then the sender of the winning entry of the Promo will be qualified to receive the prize if he submits an affidavit from the duly authorized representative of the said company owning the postpaid SIM card certifying that said company has authorized the sender of the winning entry to join the promo and that said company waives its right over the prize.
    3. If the sender of the winning entry is a minor, then he must be accompanied by his parent/legal guardian when he claims his prize. The customer's parent/legal guardian must then present his valid identification and proof that he is the parent/legal guardian of the customer.

The prize may be claimed at the Glyph Studios, Inc.'s office located at the 10th floor, 1003 Orient Square Building, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For provincial winners, Glyph Studios, Inc. shall contact the winner and make arrangements for claiming the prize.

Nice! How will I redeem my prize if I win instant load?

Instant load will be sent to the winners within 24 hours using a retailer SIM.

Can I win instant load using a postpaid number?

We're sorry, but load prizes are open to prepaid customers only.

When can I redeem the prize if I win a trip?

You can claim your prize from the date of your receipt of registered mail until July 24, 2017 . Prizes not claimed within the redemption period shall be forfeited in favor of Glyph Studios, Inc. with prior to DTI approval.

What is the travel period for the trip?

The travel period is from July 25 – 28, 2017.

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