Application and Fees

How do I apply for a GCash MasterCard?

To avail of a card, simply go to any of our booth set-ups, fill out the service form provided by our agents, and present a valid ID.

What are the requirements that I have to submit?

You just have to personally submit the completely filled-out GCash service form and your valid ID at the event booth.

Don't forget that customers below 7 years old will not be able to get their GCash MasterCard. For customers 7 years old to 18 years old, their guardian's written consent should be attached as a requirement.

Do I need to pay anything during the application?

Yes. The GCash MasterCard EMV is Php150, while GCash MasterCard EMV with beep is Php210.

How should I pay for the cost of the GCash MasterCard?

As of the moment, payments can be made at the event booth. But we'll let you know once there will be changes on the mode of payment.

How fast can I get my GCash MasterCard?

Your GCash MasterCard will be released once you've submitted all the requirements.

Is there any maintaining balance in using the service?

Nope! There is no maintaining balance or annual fee for this service.

Good to know! So what will the card kit contain?

The contents of the kit will vary depending on execution. It contains:

  • GCash MasterCard
  • Globe SIM Card – optional
How much will I be charged if I make GCash MasterCard transactions?

There are no additional fees when you purchase in stores or online with the card. There are, however, certain fees with other kinds of transactions:

  • ATM Balance Inquiry
    • Via Local ATMS – Php3.00
    • Via MasterCard accepting ATMs abroad – Php50.00
  • ATM Withdrawal
    • Via Local ATMS – Php20.00
    • ia MasterCard accepting ATMs abroad – Php150.00

Please also note that there are some online sites or merchants (such as Google Play Store and App Store) that charge authorization fee of $1 or an equivalent amount in PHP, but don't worry – this amount will be returned to your GCash account.

What if I don't use my GCash MasterCard within a certain period? Will there be any penalty fee that I have to pay?

No, there are no fees, but remember that you must use your GCash at least once in a period of 6 months to prevent your account from being inactive. Inactive GCash accounts will be charged Php50 for every month they do not have a transaction. For more details on this, you can read the GCash Maintenance Fee FAQs.

Do I need to be registered or KYC'ed to GCash before I can use my GCash Mastercard?

Yes. You need to be registered to GCash and be KYC'ed in order to use your GCash MasterCard. The KYC process can be done at the event wherein customers will need to fill-up a GCash service form and have their picture taken.

You can also refer to this link for more info Know Your Customer.

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