Donate to KIVA using GCash FAQs

What is the #TeamGlobe program?

Globe GCash has partnered with KIVA to help support local livelihood programs. Globe GCash customers can now donate any amount to Philippine-based KIVA beneficiaries.

Who is Kiva?

KIVA is an international non-profit organization that lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.

Sounds like a wonderful way to help! Who are the beneficiaries of KIVA?

KIVA caters to existing micro and small businesses. They work with microfinance institutions called Field Partners who administer the loans on field. Borrowers come from different categories such as agriculture, education, housing, retail and services.

For our program, #TeamGlobe, donations will be limited to Filipino micro-enterprise or livelihood programs. The category for this include Agriculture, Food, Retail, Services and Education.

Can I choose the beneficiary for my donation?

For #TeamGlobe, you cannot choose the beneficiary. Funds collected through GCash will be turned over to KIVA and they will allocate to the local beneficiaries.

How do I donate to KIVA using GCash?

Just follow these simple steps and that's it!

Step 1: Dial *143# on your mobile phone and select "GCash".

Step 2: Select "Donate to KIVA".

Step 3: Choose "Donate".

Step 4: Enter amount.

Step 5: Enter your GCash PIN.

Step 6: Type your email address.

Step 7: Wait for the confirmation SMS message that will be sent to you:

"You have donated P(amount) to Kiva. Your new GCash balance is P(amount) on (Date) (Time). Visit to know more about the program and your donation. Thank you for supporting our local livelihood programs though Kiva and GCash! Ref. No. (Ref. No.)."

You will also receive via email the "#ImaKivaDonor" badge which you can download and share in your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

What if I entered a wrong or invalid email address?

If you entered a wrong or invalid email address, you won't be receiving the email from GCash and KIVA.

How do I post the "#ImaKivaDonor" badge on my social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter?

You need to download the badge via email to post it to your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #TeamGlobe and #ImaKivaDonor.

Can I just donate via

Sorry, but you need to be part of #TeamGlobe by donating via GCash.

Does that mean I need to be registered to GCash first to donate to KIVA?

You're right. You have to be registered in order to donate to KIVA using GCash. Here's how to register to GCash:

Step 1: Dial *143# on your mobile phone and select "GCash".

Step 2: Select "Register" and follow the instructions indicated.

How do I fund my GCash wallet?

You can fund your GCash wallet or cash-in through these options:

  1. Via GCash Outlets
    • Globe Store
    • Premium Dealers
    • SM Department Stores
    • Family Marts
    • Puregold
    • Partner Pawnshops
    • Partner Rural Banks
  2. Via Online Bank Transfer
  3. Via Mobile Phone Banking
    • BPI
    • PSBank
    • Union Bank
  4. Via BancNet ATM

Do I need to pay any transaction fee every time I donate to KIVA using GCash?

Nope! Donating to KIVA using your GCash account is absolutely free!

Nice! Can I donate any amount to KIVA via GCash?

Yep, you can donate any amount to KIVA using your GCash.

Is there a way for me to see and monitor my donations via

Yes, there is. You may see and monitor your donations by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit and click "Request to Join".

Step 2: If you're not yet registered, register using your Facebook account, or click "Register" and enter your complete details.

Step 3: Once registered, navigate to the site and check the amount of donations we've reached so far for #TeamGlobe campaign.

Take note that is not under Globe Telecom. It is managed by KIVA alone.

Where can I see the full details of the #TeamGlobe campaign?

You may go to the .Globe website for more details. You may also visit KIVA to monitor your donations and see the wonderful difference you've made through this program.

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