GCash Libre Pera Padala, Send Money for FREE Promo

What is this promo about?

Starting October 1, 2014, all GCash customers can enjoy the Send Money service of GCash without being charged any fee!

So you mean if I send money amounting to Php800 or higher, I won't be charged any transaction fee?

That's right! Regardless of the amount, Send Money would be free of service charge.

This is awesome! Is this promo open to all GCash users?

Yep! GCash Libre Pera Padala, Send Money for FREE promo is open to all GCash registered customers.

How do I avail of this promo? Do I have to register?

No need to register! The free rate will immediately apply when you send money via GCash during the promo period.

Will the free promo rate apply whether I send money to others or I send money to myself?

Sorry, but the system will not allow you to send money to yourself.

Oh, I see. But will the rate be applicable regardless of how many times I send money?

Yes, regardless of how many times you send money to others, the free promo rate will apply.

How would I know if the free promo rate has taken effect? Will I receive any prompt?

You will receive an SMS notifying you of the free transaction.

Are the rates to perform other GCash transactions also free?

No, it's not. This promo is applicable only to send money/P2P transactions.

Until when will this promo run?

GCash Libre Pera Padala, Send Money for FREE promo will run until further notice.

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