PowerPay+ FAQs

What is GCash PowerPay+?

GCash PowerPay+ is a funds payout service offered by G-Xchange, Inc. to various companies. Through PowerPay+, employees of partner companies receive their salaries through GCash which they can use for GCash mobile money services in addition to withdrawing their salaries from any of the 13,000 ATMs and 7,000 GCash Partner Outlets nationwide.

How can I use PowerPay+?

Only employees from a partner company of GCash have access to PowerPay+. GCash offers this product directly to employers instead of individuals.

A PowerPay+ user can do the following:

  • Withdraw salary from any of the 13,000 ATMs and 7,000 GCash Partner Outlets nationwide
  • Do cashless transactions via Point-of Sale (POS) terminals, for free
  • Buy load for all networks, with instant rebates for Globe and TM)
  • Pay bills to various merchants such as Globe Postpaid or Broadband, utility companies, and government agencies
  • Send money for free
What are the benefits of using PowerPay+?

Companies (and their employees) can benefit greatly from PowerPay+. There are two possible packages being offered to companies. Refer to the list of companies below for your reference.


Option 1
with insurance

Option 2
without insurance

ATM Card per employee



Disbursement Fee

P5 for every transaction; regardless of amount

P5 for every transaction; regardless of amount


2 free withdrawals a month; P20 will be charged for succeeding withdrawals

2 free withdrawals a month; P20 will be charged for succeeding withdrawals

Savings with Interest






Maintaining Balance




FREE of service charge

FREE of service charge


P20 for every P1,000 and any amount in excess

P20 for every P1,000 and any amount in excess


FREE of service charge

FREE of service charge

Cash-in and cash-out are over-the-counter transactions that you can do in our GCash Partner Outlets, which include the following

  • Globe Stores
  • SM Department Stores
  • Puregold
  • Tambunting Pawnshops
  • Villarica Pawnshops
  • Prime Asia Pawnshops
  • Partner Rural Banks
  • 7-Eleven

Note: PowerPay+ bundle includes free Globe/TM SIM cards and ATM cards.

What entitlements are covered by the insurance?

Please see the table below for your reference:

Term Accidental Death1 Burial Assistance2 Life Cover3 ATM Theft4 Residential Fire w/ home content
6 months 50,000 10,000 25,000 5,000 5,000

1Death due to accidents only
2Death due to accidents & natural causes
3Death due to natural causes only
4ATM Theft Benefit Aggregate Limit based on term is maximum 2 occurrences with P5,000 limit per occurrence

Note: The insurance package is only good for 6 months. You must pay another P50 to renew your insurance.

Who should I coordinate with for insurance claims?

ACE Insurance is our partner to help handle all of your insurance benefits. For claims, simply submit the complete requirements to your company's HR department and ACE Insurance will directly coordinate with them for updates and other concerns. You may also call them at the following telephone nos. (02) 918-5400. For Domestic Toll Free 1-800-8-918-5400.

Can non-Globe customers avail of PowerPay+?

PowerPay+ is linked to the GCash mobile wallet. All employees using PowerPay+ are required to have a Globe SIM to enjoy the benefits of this service.

What is the difference between my GCash wallet and PowerPay+ account?

Your PowerPay+ account and the GCash number linked to this account are one and the same. Whatever balance you have from either of the two is automatically updated everytime you transact using your PowerPay+ card or your GCash registered mobile number.

PowerPay+ customers have a higher wallet limit compared to customers who are not registered to GCash through their company. A PowerPay+ GCash wallet has a Php 500,000 limit versus the regular Php 100,000 limit.

How can I withdraw my salary if I do not have my PowerPay+ card with me?

Just visit any GCash outlet with your GCash registered mobile number that's linked to your PowerPay+ account. The store representative will process your transaction and you will have to reply with your MPIN to complete the transaction. Afterward, you will receive the cash from the store representative.

Can I put money in my PowerPay+ account that's not part of my salary?

Yes, simply visit any GCash outlet with your GCash registered mobile number linked to your Powerpay+ account. Give the cash to the Store representative for processing. You'll receive a text notification that you have received the cash amount you gave in the form of GCash. Cash-in to self is FREE of charge!

Does my PowerPay+ account earn interest?

PowerPay+ is a GCash account that does not earn interest. However, there is no maintaining balance required for you to continuously use the account.

What are the charges applicable to GCash mobile money transactions?

See the table below for your reference:

GCash to Load FREE, plus instant rebates*
Paying Bills FREE
Send Money via Globe SIM FREE

*Rebates are only for Globe and TM airtime load

Starting March 15, 2016, dormant wallets [PowerPay+ GCash wallets without any monetary transaction such as buy load, pay bills, send money, or carded transactions for twelve (12) months] shall be charged P50 GCash every 10th day of each month that the wallet remains dormant. Charging will start on the 13th month of inactivity.

NOTE: Transactions fees will be deducted from your GCash wallet.

Can I still use my PowerPay+ card after my employment in the company has passed?

Yes you may still use your PowerPay+ after your employment but you will no longer receive salaries through it. You will have to visit our outlets to put in money or cash-in to your account.

Your insurance also expires after employment.

How is PowerPay+ card different from the GCash Card?

The PowerPay+ card is issued by our partner companies as employers to their identified personnel. It is used as a salary payout tool with specific benefits to partner companies like FREE withdrawal and insurance coverage.

The regular GCash Card (not under companies) also enables the user to use his card with POS terminals and ATMs, but it does not have the same benefits such as free withdrawals.

How can I withdraw using my GCash PowerPay+ ATM Card?

Withdrawal using your GCash PowerPay+ ATM card follow the same steps as your other ATMs. Just go to any ATM, insert your card and follow the instructions. Key-in your GCash MPIN to complete the transaction. You'll receive a text notification for confirmation - it's that easy!

I forgot my GCash MPIN. How can I request for a new MPIN?

Just call 2882 to reset you MPIN. A customer representative will provide you a temporary MPIN which you need to change within 5 minutes. To change your MPIN, dial *143#, choose "GCash", select "Account", then "Change PIN".

Is there a maximum amount that I can put in my GCash wallet?

Yes. Your GCash account has a P500,000 wallet limit. You can only transact up to P500,000 monthly as mandated by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

How much can I withdraw per day?

You can withdraw up to P40, 000 daily from any ATM. However, the amount per withdrawal transaction differs depending on the ATM/bank where you made the withdrawal.

How do I use my GCash PowerPay+ ATM Card in credit card terminals?

Here's a simple step by step process:

  1. Present your PowerPay+ ATM Card to the cashier for payment.
  2. Cashier will swipe your GCash PowerPay+ ATM Card in the POS terminal, key in the payment amount and select the account to be deducted (savings or current). Select "Savings".
  3. Cashier will hand you the PIN pad. Please check if the amount entered is correct.
  4. Key in your MPIN and press "Enter". Make sure that no one can see your MPIN. Cashier will return your PowerPay+ ATM Card and approved transaction receipts.
If I am asked by the merchant about the account type (Savings or Current) of my GCash Card, which one would it be?

GCash PowerPay+ ATM Card account type falls under "Savings". Just inform cashier to select Savings.

Will I use the same GCash MPIN on mobile and ATM?

Yes, the GCash MPIN that you will need to enter on the POS PIN pad is the same 4-digit GCash MPIN that you use for your GCash mobile and ATM transactions.

Is there a transaction fee for using the GCash card on a merchant's POS?

No additional fees would be charged for GCash Card transactions on merchant's POS.

Will I receive an SMS notification from 2882 after every POS transaction I make using my GCash Card?

Yes, you will still receive an SMS notification from 2882 informing you of the transaction you have just made including the amount paid to the merchant. Here is a sample SMS Confirmation Message from 2882:

"You have paid 10000.00 of GCash via GCash Card on 03-12-12 01:04 PM. Your new balance is 15000.00. Ref no. 123456789. Please keep a copy of your reference nos. to track your transactions. Globe GCash. Love the way you Pay!"

Do I also get a printed transaction slip for the GCash Card-POS transaction that I have made?

Yes, you will get a printed transaction slip from the merchant / cashier. This will be more or less similar to what is usually provided when you do a debit card / credit card transaction on a POS terminal.

Can I inquire about my GCash balance using the POS terminal? If yes, is there a charge for balance inquiries?

Yes, you may inquire your GCash balance using the POS terminal. There's no charge for balance inquiries done using the POS terminal.

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