Globe Rewards: Points Battle

What is the Globe Rewards Points Battle?

The Globe Rewards is a free of charge special offer for Globe/TM customers to give a chance to get high value rewards/experiences using Globe Rewards points while redeeming their points for data.

Who are qualified to avail of the offers?

All Platinum, Postpaid, and Globe Prepaid, TM customers with at least 1 Point are qualified to join.

What are the prizes I can win?
  1. Niseko, Japan Package – 1 winner
    1. Round trip Economy airline tickets via All Nippon Airways for 2
    2. 3 Days/2nights Hotel Standard Room Type accommodation at Hilton Niseko Village for 2
    3. Daily Breakfast for 2
    4. Hotel Transfers for 2 from airport to hotel
    5. Travel Insurance for 2
  2. Siargao, Philippines Package – 1 winner
    1. Round trip airline tickets via Skyjet for 4
    2. 3 Days/2nights Hotel Garden View Room accommodation at Isla Cabana Resort for 4
    3. Daily Breakfast for 4
    4. Travel Insurance for 4
  3. Harry Styles VIP Tickets for 2 – 1 winner
  4. UNIQLO Timed Shopping – 1 winner
    1. LOCATION: UNIQLO Bonifacio Highstreet Store
    2. SHOPPING SPREE TIME LIMIT: 2 minutes storewide
    3. Maximum Spend per WINNER: P50,000
    4. Winner should give 2 weeks advance notice before availment date of shopping spree. 2 minute timed Shopping Spree event will be on December 31, 2017.
    5. Shopping Spree should be within 10:30PM.
    6. Restrictions: Cannot bring a companion during the shopping spree
    7. Any damage item/merchandise resulting from the Shopping Spree done by the winner shall be deducted from the total winning prize.
    8. The winner will have 2 minutes shopping spree. After his/her time has ended, all goods picked out shall be brought to the cashier for bill footings. Total maximum spend is P50, 000. If the total amount in the cart is more than P50,000, winner has the option to pay the extra fee in excess of the P50,000 shopping money or take out items from their cart to make the total amount less than or equal to P50,000. If the total amount is less than P50, 000, winner will only be entitled to the items availed within the allotted time and balance amount will be forfeited and is not convertible to cash.
    9. In any case that the winner is not available on the assigned schedule, a representative should be present in behalf of the winner.
    10. Representative/winner must present Valid I.D., signed Authorization Letter along with a Photocopy of the I.D. should the winner be unavailable on the assigned schedule.
    11. DTI Representative will be invited to witness the Shopping Spree.
Niseko, Japan 2 All Nippon Airways Hilton Niseko Village Hotel Yes Breakfast Only
Siargao, Ph 4 SkyJet Isla Cabana Yes Breakfast Only
Harry Style VIP Ticket 2
UNIQLO Timed Shopping 1 2 minutes

All prizes are non-convertible to cash but transferable.

How far in advance can I register?

Conversion officially starts on Sept 11, 2017 00:00 to Sept 17, 2017 16:00 or until within the announcement time of last item.

Why am I unable to complete registration?

It is possible that you entered incomplete details for the required fields. Check if you have entered FULL NAME, ADDRESS, BIRTHDAY and GENDER.

How far in advance can I convert to battle points?

Conversion officially starts on Sept 11, 2017 00:00 to Sept 17, 2017 12:00 NN

Why do I need to convert to battle points?

Only "Battle Points" and not Globe Rewards Points sent to 2363 are valid entries. To convert, subscriber must text ENJOY BP to 4438 (Globe Rewards access number). 1 Globe Reward Point converted = 1 Battle Point

ENJOY BP5 5 Postpaid, GP, TM
ENJOY BP10 10 Postpaid, GP, TM
ENJOY BP20 20 Postpaid, GP, TM
ENJOY BP50 50 Postpaid, GP, TM
ENJOY BP1 1 Postpaid, GP, TM

*Conversion starts from Sept 11, 2017 00:00 – Sept 17, 2017 12:00

*Customer will receive a confirmation message.

What is a Points Battle event?

It is a real time sending of points offer or entries via 2363 to win prizes. This means points you convert will automatically include you in the transactions qualified for the special prizes. It is important to note that Facebook interactions including likes and comments are not considered points redemption.

When is the Points Battle event?

The online event is on Sept 17 at 4:00 PM. It will happen via Facebook Live. Go to Globe Telecom FB page and go to Events.

How can I get access to the Points Battle event?

Visit Globe's Facebook Page on Sept. 17, 4PM. As soon as the host announces the start of the event, you may play by texting BATTLE<space><amount> to 2363. Make sure you were able to convert your Rewards Points to Battle Points. Fraction of a point/decimal is not allowed. Only whole numbers can successfully be processed.

How many times can I transact?

You may play and place offers as long as you have sufficient battle points. You will get a notification if you have insufficient Battle Points to play with. As soon as the host announces closure of the item for winning, you may no longer play for the current specific item but you may join again for a chance to win the succeeding items.

What is the winning mechanics?

The lowest unique point/s will win


  • 1-1-1 LOSE – Lowest but not unique
  • 22-22 LOSE – Not unique
  • 30 WIN – Lowest unique
  • 30 LOSE – Unique but not lowest
  • 34-34 LOSE – Not unique

The lowest unique number will win. However, if there is no unique entry, the first customer who redeemed the lowest point/s will win. Make sure that you are registered to validate your entry.

How do I check my remaining battle points?

Text BATTLE STATUS to 2363

If I convert my rewards points to battle points, this will be automatically deducted from my rewards wallet?

Yes. Points converted will immediately be deducted. Non-winning mobile numbers will be seeded back their converted points on Sept 25.

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