#GlobeHarryStyles Promo Raffle Promo

What is the raffle promo all about?

This raffle promo entitles Globe Prepaid, TM, Postpaid, Platinum or Globe At Home customers a chance to win tickets to Harry Styles Live on Tour 2018 when they register to a GoSURF promo or subscribe to a Globe At Home plan.

Event Date Venue
Harry Styles Live on Tour 2018 May 1, 2018 SM MOA Arena

Customers can join the promo from October 06 to December 06, 2017. Winners will be drawn on December 08, 2017.

Wow! I want to join the raffle! How do I earn raffle points?

If you're a Globe Prepaid, Postpaid or Platinum customer, you can earn points when you subscribe to a GoSURF or All Month Surf promo. You just have to register to the raffle and validate your entries.

For Globe At Home customers, the monthly service fee (MSF) will be the basis for the raffle entries. As the promo is only up to December 6, 2017, a Globe At Home customer will be entitled based on the date of installation. Cutoff for approved applications of Globe At Home customers is on December 6, 2017 at 11:59 PM. Plan must be active and not temporarily disconnected by cut-off period.Raffle points will only be counted if the customer is up-to-date with his payment status (no overdue balance).

Note that every P5 spent on GoSURF, All Month Surf or Globe at Home Plan plan is equivalent to one raffle entry. For promo prices that are not divisible by 5, we're going to round up. For example, the P99 promo price of your GoSURF 99 registration will be counted as P100, and will correspond to 20 raffle entries.

Cool! What GoSURF variants and Globe At Home plans are included in this promo?

All GoSURF and AddSURF variants are included in this promo. However, GoSURF promos availed via Rewards points or Loans will not have corresponding raffle entries.

For Globe Platinum customers, all ThePlatinum Plans are also included. Lastly, users of Volume Boost, Globe Mobile WiFi devices and all Globe At Home plans are included in this promo.

Is that it? I just have to register to GoSURF and I become automatically enjoined to the raffle?

No, but you're a step away from joining the raffle! If you are a Globe Prepaid or a TM customer, you need to register to join the raffle. It's easy. Just validate your entry by texting RAFFLE REG <Name/Address/Email/Age/Gender>. Ex. RAFFLE REG Andro Rono/12 Rizal Drive, Taguig City/[email protected]/21/M. You only need to register to the raffle once, and it is free of charge.

For Globe Platinum and Postpaid customers, just text RAFFLE REG YES to 2363 once you get a confirmation message of your GoSURF subscription. You only need to register once by validating your promo plan during the promo period. Registration is free of charge.

Meanwhile, if you are a Globe At Home customer, you do not need to register to the raffle to validate your entries since you will be automatically registered once your subscription is confirmed, and your account is active. Your subscription is confirmed if your account has been activated.

Can I register using different names in one mobile number or account?

No, only one name per mobile number/account is allowed. However, a customer may register his/her name using several mobile numbers/accounts.

For Globe At Home, Postpaid and Platinum customers, account details will be used in registrations.

I see. Can I check the total number of points I have earned?

Definitely! Just text RAFFLE ENTRIES to 2363 for FREE. Kindly note that raffle entries earned are updated within 5 days after your registration to GOSURF.

For Globe At Home customers, you may call the hotline at (02) 730-1000.

Sounds great! What are the prizes at stake?

The following tickets will be given away to the lucky winners:

Harry Styles Live on Tour
Ticket type Number of winners Ticket per winner Total number of tickets
Platinum 3 2 6
Gold 3 2 6
Lower Box A 3 2 6
Lower Box B 3 2 6
Total 12 2 24
Great! When is the announcement of winners?

Winners will be announced by December 7, 2017 via text message from 2363, Globe website, Globe's official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Winners were already announced through our official social media accounts. However, the announcement through text, which also contain the instructions on how to claim the tickets, will be done on a later date. Don't worry, winners will be kept posted.

Wohoo, I won the raffle! How do I claim the tickets?

You'll receive your winning message by December 8, 2017, and must confirm until December 10 that you'll claim your prize. Please note that if you fail to confirm your attendance, we're sorry, but you'll not get the text message to be shown to claim the tickets.

Your tickets will be available at the The Globe Tower, BGC, Taguig City on April 25 to 27, 2018 at 1 to 5 PM. Kindly proceed to the concierge and present your confirmation message and one valid ID. Reminder to come in collared shirt and closed shoes.

I won tickets to the concert! Can I take my younger sister with me? She's still a minor.

Of course! The event is open to minors. However, here are some special guidelines to consider:

  1. Minors 15 to 17 years of age attending the concert with a guardian should secure a letter of consent from their parent. Reminder to specify the name of the guardian on the letter.
  2. Those who are 14 years old and below will not be allowed to enter the venue.
  3. The guardian accompanying a minor should also present a valid ID.
  4. A valid ID of the minor should be presented upon entering the venue.
I cannot be there to claim my tickets. Can I send a representative to claim my prize?

Yes. Your representative just have to present an authorization letter, two valid IDs of the winning customer, and the confirmation text message.

Yay! Can I convert my tickets to cash?

No, the tickets cannot be converted to cash. The tickets are non-refundable.

Okay. Can I transfer my prize to anyone?

Yes, you may but you or your authorized representative must claim the tickets.

Can I win more than once?

No, you can only once. But if your name is drawn twice, you will receive the prize with the higher value.

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