Globe Rewards: Donate 2017 - Hero Foundation

What is this promo about?

You can use your points to donate to HERO Foundation Inc.

What do I have to do to be able to donate?

Simply Globe Rewards Mobile App. Go to the Exclusive offers section and click the denomination of your choice. Press Redeem and wait for confirmation message. You can donate 3X per denomination per day.

What is HERO Foundation?

HERO Foundation was organized by the late President Corazon C. Aquino in collaboration with her former administration's Defense Secretary General Renato De Villa in 1988. Among the well-respected businessmen who responded to the call were Don Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Henry Sy, Sr., Washington SyCip, Patricio Lim, and Raul Concepcion. The business group then established HERO Foundation, Inc.

HERO stands for Help Educate and Rear Orphans. The Foundation was registered on August 23, 1988 with the Security and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, not-for-profit organization.
Today, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), through the AFP-Educational Benefit System Office (AFP-EBSO), rely on HERO Foundation, Inc. for supplemental financial support for the AFP orphans. The support come in the form of stipends that are directly given to the families to help them with the cost of books, uniform, meals, transportation, school supplies and sometimes, even their tuition fees.

Are there other ways to donate?

For one-time donation via SMS
Type "HERO <space> AMOUNT" and send to 2899.
Amount Options: P5, P25, P50, P100, P300, P500, or P1000
(Example: "HERO 100" and send to 2899)

For recurring or monthly donations via SMS
Type "HERO <space> AMOUNT <space> ON" and send to 2899.
(Example: "HERO 300 ON" and send to 2899)

Via GCash
Type: "HERO <space> AMOUNT <space> 4-DIGIT MPIN" and send to 2882.
(Example: "HERO 100 1234" and send to 2882)

Via Land Bank of the Philippines
Account Name: HERO Foundation, Inc.
Account No.: CA # 1672-1001-23
Via Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Account Name: HERO Foundation, Inc.
Peso Account: SA # 000013-6263-32
Reference No.: Donor's Name or "ANONYMOUS"

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