Globe Ree-IDD

What is Ree-IDD?

Ree-IDD is a collect call service from the Philippines to Malaysia and Singapore.

How do I register to Ree-IDD?

Ree-IDD does not require any registration. Just dial using the prescribed dialing pattern, and you will be connected to your friends and relatives in Malaysia and Singapore. Isn't that easy?

Cool. Who can avail of Ree-IDD?

Any Globe customer (Postpaid, Prepaid, Touch Mobile, Landline) can avail of the service.

How does Ree-IDD work?

Customers may call by dialing the Ree-IDD access number: <1288> + <Country Code> + <Area Code> + <Number>. You will be connected to your friends and loved ones in Malaysia and Singapore if they opt to pay for your IDD call.

That sounds great. Is this service limited to a specific network operator in Malaysia and Singapore?

Yes, this service is only available for Maxis Prepaid customers in Malaysia and Singtel Prepaid customers in Singapore.

Can I call any other countries aside from Malaysia and Singapore?

Unfortunately, no. Malaysia and Singapore are the only countries covered by this service as of now. Ree-IDD is designed to only receive calls. If you decide to call the Philippines or any other country, it will be charged to your existing mobile plan.

How much is the charge for a collect call on Ree-IDD and how long is the validity of the service?

Ree-IDD will charge the contact from Malaysia RM 0.20/30s or approximately P4.45/minute. Meanwhile, the contact in Singapore wll be charged with SG$0.25 per minute or approximately P8.59/minute. The service will be available until further notice.

So, what happens if my collect call gets rejected? Will I get charged?

If your call gets rejected, the transaction will end. You, the caller, will not be charged.

How will my friend or relative in Malaysia or Singapore pay for the service?

Your contact from Malaysia or Singapore will be charged by his/her telecom provider as soon as the transaction ends. On the other hand, you, the calling party, will not be charged for the service.

Why did my call not push through?

It could be due to the following reasons:

  1. The customer you tried to call has no signal, or has a busy signal
  2. The customer you tried to call refused to accept the collect call transactions
I see. Can I send text messages with Ree-IDD?

I'm sorry, but Ree-IDD can only be used to make collect voice calls to Malaysia or Singapore, and does not support text messaging service.

How can I benefit from Ree-IDD vs. other IDD promos?

With Ree-IDD, you don't get charged anything for the transaction. It would be your contact in Malaysia or Singapore who will be paying. As such, one of the barriers to no load-no call, is eliminated.

That's convenient! What are the advantages of using Ree-IDD vs. other apps like Viber or Whatsapp?

The main benefit of Ree-IDD is that it does not require an internet connection to make a call, as opposed to other OTT apps like Viber or Skype.

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