Globe Seafarer SIM

What is Globe Seafarer SIM?

The Globe Seafarer SIM is a roaming prepaid SIM card with affordable call and text rates in 70 destinations abroad.

Wow! Who can avail of the Seafarer SIM?

Anyone can avail of Globe Seafarer SIM.

How do I activate my Globe Seafarer SIM?

It's easy. To activate your SIM, reload using a Globe prepaid call card, AMAX or Share-a-Load. After receiving the load, do a text or call transaction. Let your family know your new mobile number! The system has to detect a transaction which was charged accordingly for your SIM to be activated.

Cool! Where can I buy Globe Seafarer SIM?

Seafarer SIM cards are available in the following strategic locations:

Establishment Address
Globe Airport Booths at the Departure Area
  • NAIA 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Pasay City
  • Clark, Pampanga
  • Cebu City
  • Iloilo
  • Davao
Globe VFS Booth Vasco Atrium, Ecoplaza Bldg., Makati City
MARINA (Maritime Industry Authority) Taft Ave. corner T.M. Kalaw Street, Manila
LUSWELF - Luneta Seafarers' Welfare Association, Inc. T.M. Kalaw St., Manila
How much is a Seafarer SIM?

It's available at P100.00 each at NAIA 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Pasay City, Clark, Pampanga and Cebu City.

Okay. How can reload if I am abroad?

You may reload through any of the following:

  • Globe Prepaid Call Cards

    If you're in Canada or Kazakhstan, simply text LOAD<call card number><call card pin> to 2215. Please do not put spaces in between. This message will cost P10.00

    Example: LOAD6288105113908942

    If you're not in these countries, dial *143# toll-free and press "5" to reload.

  • International Autoload Max (AMAX)
  • Share-A-Load
  • GCash to Load
    1. Via app
      1. Open GCash app
      2. Enter your 4-digit MPIN
      3. Select Buy Load
      4. Simply dial *143# on your mobile phone, look for G-Cash menu, and then follow the prompt.
  • Partner banks
How much is the rate for text, call and data?

Please refer to the following rates:

Transaction Type Within the Destination Abroad (70 Countries)
Incoming calls per minute
Outgoing calls per minute
Text or per 160 characters
Internet You must be registered to app and data pack promos to access the Internet while abroad.

These rates applies in over 50 destinations abroad and roaming partners listed below:

Albania Hungary
Australia India Portugal
Austria Indonesia Qatar
Bahrain Ireland Romania
Belgium Israel
Brazil Italy
Brunei Jamaica Saudi Arabia
Japan Singapore
Canada Korea South Africa
China Latvia
Croatia Lithuania Sweden
Oland/Gotland (Sweden)
Denmark Malta Switzerland
Egypt Taiwan
Estonia Netherlands Tajikstan
Finland (Aland ) Netherlands Antilles Thailand
France New Zealand
Germany Nicaragua Trinidad and Tobago
Greece; Crete (Greece) Norway & Svalbard (Norway) Turkey
Guam Pakistan United Kingdom (UK)
HongKong Paraguay - South America Uruguay

Albania Vodafone Albania
Australia Cable & Wireless Optus
Austria Orange Austria Telecommunication GmbH
Bahrain MTC Vodafone Bahrain
Belgium KPN Orange Belgium
Proximus Belgacom Mobile NV/SA
Brazil Telemig Celular (Brasil)
Brunei DST Communications Sdn Bhd
Canada Telus (Canada)
Bell Mobility
Rogers Wireless (Canada)
China China Mobile Communications Corporation
China Unicom
Croatia Croatian Telecom
Radiomobil a.s
Denmark Telia Mobile (Denmark)
Egypt Mobinil Egypt
Estonia AS EMT
Finland (Aland ) Sonera Ltd
France Free Mobile (FRAFM)
Germany VIAG Interkom
Telekom Deutshland GMBH
Greece; Crete (Greece) Vodafone- Panafon S.A.
Guam IT & E Overseas Inc(Guam)
Pulse Mobile LLC (USA)
Hong Kong Hong Kong CSL Limited
Hungary Vodafone Hungary
India Bharti Mumbai, India
Bharti Gujarat, India
Bharti Karnataka (India)
SKYCELL Communication (CHENNAI)
Bharti Andhra Pradesh
Bharti Maharshtra & Goa
Bharti Tamilnadu, India
Hexacom India Ltd
Bharti Kerala, India
Bharti Uttar Pradesh West
Bharti Punjab, India
Bharti Madhya Pradesh
Bharti Haryana, India
Bharti Himachal Pradesh
Indonesia PT Indonesian Satellite Corporation Tbk (INDOSAT)
Ireland Eircell
ESAT Digifone Ltd.
Hutchison 3G Ireland
Italy Telecom Italia Mobile
WIND Telecomunicazioni
Jamaica Mossel Jamaica Limited
Japan Softbank Mobile
Latvia Latvian Mobile Telephone Co.
Lithuania Omnitel Lithuania
Malta Vodafone Malta Ltd.
Netherlands KPN Mobile The Netherlands BV
T-Mobile Netherlands
Netherlands Antilles Curacao Tel. (Antilles)
New Zealand Telecom New Zealand
Nicaragua Enitel Nicaragua (NICEN)
Norway & Svalbard (Norway) Netcom GSM A.S.
Telenor Mobile AS
Pakistan Pakistan Mob Comm (Mobilink)
Paraguay - South America Hutchison Tel. Paraguay
Portugal Vodafone formerly Telecel
Qatar Q.TEL (Qatar)
Romania Telekom Romania
JSC "KB Impuls"
Saudi Arabia Saudi Telecom Company (STC)
Singapore StarHub Mobile(Singapore)
Slovak Republic Eurotel Bratislava AS
South Africa Vodacom Pty Ltd
Spain Telefonica Moviles Espana, S.A.
Sri Lanka Airtel (Sri Lanka)
Sweden Telia Mobitel AB
Oland/Gotland (Sweden)
Europolitan AB
Tele2 AB
Switzerland Swisscom Mobile AG, Bern
Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom Co., L
Tajikstan Babilone Mobile
Thailand Total Access Communication
Trinidad and Tobago Digicel (Trinidad & Tobago)
Turkey Turkcell Iletisim Hismetleri AS
United Kingdom (UK) O2 UK formerly Cellnet
Everything Everywhere Limited
Uruguay CTI Movil Uruguay
USA AT&T Mobility
Outside of the listed destinations abroad, charges as follows:
Transaction Type Outside the Destination Abroad (Over 50 Countries)
Incoming Calls per minute
  • Zone 1 - P60
  • Zone 2 - P75
Outgoing Calls per minute
  • Zone 1 - P120
  • Zone 2 - P150
Text or per 160 characters
  • Zone 1 - P20
  • Zone 2 - P25
Internet Customers must be registered to App and Data Pack promos to access the Internet while abroad. For for info, refer to the KMS article, "Roam Surf Data and App Packs (Prepaid)."

If your country of destination is not on the list of the countries, only then will the charging for Zone 1 and 2 will apply. Take note that charging per zone may also vary depending whether the country has direct dialing or not.

I see. How long before my load expires?
Load Amount Expiry
P 1 to 10 3 days
P 11 to 50 15 days
P 51 to 100 30 days
P 101 to 150 45 days
P 151 to 250 60 days
P 251 to 300 75 days
P 301 up 120 days
How long can I use my roaming service?

You can still use your roaming service one year after the expiry of your last load.

What is the minimum load balance to use the Seafarer SIM?

There is no minimum balance required to use the Seafarer SIM. Just make sure you have enough load for charged transactions.

I see. Can I call and text customers of other network providers aside from Globe, TM and Globelines?

Yes, you can text and call any number around the world.

What is the maximum number of characters allowed per message?

Your message can contain up to 160 characters. If it's longer, it will be sent as another message and additional charges will apply.

Oh, okay. How about sending texts? How do I do it while when I am abroad?

You should send your message using this format:
<Country code><Area code><Mobile Number>

For example: +639171234567

What is the dialing pattern while abroad?
  1. Countries with Direct Dial
    • +<Country code><Area code><Mobile Number>
    • Example: +639171234567
    Australia Lithuania
    Austria Luxembourg
    Belgium Myanmar
    New Zealand
    Canada Norway & Svalbard
    China Pakistan
    Egypt Qatar
    Germany Saudi Arabia
    HongKong South Africa
    Hungary Spain
    Indonesia Switzerland
    Ireland Taiwan
    Israel Tajikstan
    Italy Turkey
    United Kingdom (UK)
    Korea USA

  2. Countries without Direct Dial
    • <*131*><country code><area code><mobile number>#
    • Example: *131*639171234567#
    Albania Malta
    Bahrain Netherlands
    Brazil Netherlands Antilles
    Brunei Nicaragua
    Paraguay - South America
    Croatia Portugal
    Finland (Aland ) Singapore
    Greece; Crete (Greece) Sweden
    Guam Sweden
    Oland/Gotland (Sweden)
    Jamaica Thailand
    Japan Tonga
    Kyrgyztan Trinidad and Tobago
    Latvia Uruguay
How can I check my load balance?

Just dial *143# toll-free and press "6" for Balance Inquiry.

Will I be charged for unanswered incoming and outgoing calls?

No. You'll not be charged for any unanswered incoming and outgoing calls, unless you'll leave a voice mailbox message.

What will I do when I travel from one country to another? Will my roaming service be maintained?

If you travel from the destinations below, you will enjoy the P30 per minute and P10 per SMS rates. Otherwise, you can refer to Item #10 for applicable charges.

Albania Hungary
Australia India Portugal
Austria Indonesia Qatar
Bahrain Ireland Romania
Belgium Israel
Brazil Italy
Brunei Jamaica Saudi Arabia
Japan Singapore
Canada Korea South Africa
China Latvia
Croatia Lithuania Sweden
Sweden; Gotland; Oland/Gotland
Denmark Malta Switzerland
Egypt Taiwan
Estonia Netherlands Tajikstan
Finland (Aland ) Netherlands Antilles Thailand
France New Zealand
Germany Nicaragua Trinidad and Tobago
Greece; Crete (Greece) Norway & Svalbard (Norway) Turkey
Guam Pakistan United Kingdom (UK)
HongKong Paraguay - South America Uruguay
Can I register to other Globe prepaid promos while on roaming?

Sorry, but you can't. Globe prepaid promos such as GoSAKTO, unlimited calls and texts are blocked when you're on roaming. There are Globe promos that you can use while on roaming. You may check Globe Prepaid Apps and Data Packs.

How about sharing load credits? Will Share-A-Load work while I'm on roaming?

Sorry, but that's not allowed, too. You can't use Share-a-Load service while you're on roaming. However, you can receive Share-a-Load from your loved ones and friends in the Philippines.

I plan on staying in the Philippines. Can I use my Seafarer SIM while in the country?

Yes, you can use it while you're in the Philippines. You just need to text GROAM OFF and send it to 2884. Take note that you have to turn your GROAM ON again if you'll be travelling outside the Philippines.

Remember that your GROAM request will be on pending status when you activate it in the Philippines. It will only be approved once you arrive in your destination. That means, while in the Philippines, you can still enjoy local services such as data browsing, promos, DUO, Share-a-Load and ringback tones. These services will be unavailable once you reach your destination and get your roaming signal activated.

Do I need to deactivate my GROAM?

It is recommended that you deactivate your GROAM services immediately upon arrival to the Philippines.

What will happen if I don't deactivate my roaming service?

Failing to do so will mean that your roaming service is still active, and you'll be unable to use local services that are blocked while you were on roaming, like data browsing, Share-a-Load, promo registrations, and ringback tones.

Note that regular local rates will apply despite active roaming service.

How can I check the status of my GROAM request?
  • If you're either in the Philippines or in a different country:
    1. By dialing *143# on your mobile phone, then press 9 for Roaming, and then press 3 to check your status.
    2. By texting GROAM STATUS to 2884.
  • If you're in Canada (Rogers) and Ireland (O2 Communications), simply text GROAM STATUS to 2884.

A text message will then be sent to you showing the status of your request.

Charging will be as follow:

  • P2.50 - while in the Philippines
  • P2.50 + P10.00 (Roaming SMS rate) - while outside the Philippines

5 FREE International Texts

What is the 5 international texts component of the Seafarer SIM?

FREE5SMS is a freebie exclusive for customers using Globe Seafarer SIM. It allows the customer to send 5 FREE texts to Globe/TM numbers from over 50 destinations. Your 5 FREE texts will expire, if not used, after a month. It will refresh on a monthly basis and you'll have another set of free messages. Unused texts will not be carried over the following month. Once the free 5 SMS is consumed, regular charges will apply.

Offer International Texts Validity Fee
FREE5SMS 5 30 days FREE
Who are eligible for the Free 5 international text?

All Globe Seafarer SIM customers are eligible for the freebie.

Wow! Who is eligible to claim the freebie?

All Globe Seafarer SIM customers may register to FREE5SMS.

How do I start using the free international texts? Do I have to buy a special IDD card to avail this promo?

You just need to register to claim your freebie. You can do this through text or *143#. Once done, you will receive a confirmation message once you can start using the promo.

Channel Instruction
Text Text SF5SMS to 2884
*143# Dial *143#, go to Roaming & Int'l > Roaming > Seafarer > Free SMS > Subscribe
Does it have a maintaining balance requirement? What if I have no load?

There is no minimum maintaining balance required to subscribe to this promo. Even at zero load, you can enjoy the Free 5 SMS.

What countries can I use my FREE5SMS from?

You can text your Globe and TM friends and loved ones in the Philippines if you are in any of over 50 destinations covered by Seafarer SIM. Refer to the mechanics tab for the list.

How can I use my FREE 5 international texts?

Once registered to the freebie, just type your message and send it to the mobile number.

Can I register to the promo if I'm subscribed to other data, international or local promos?

You can still register to FREE5SMS even if you're currently subscribed to other data, local or International text message promos. At the same time, while registered to FREE5SMS, you will still be able to subscribe to other international offers.

Can I send texts to Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, TM numbers?

Yes, you can send to all Globe Prepaid, Postpaid and TM numbers with your FREE5SMS.

Nice! What if they are on international roaming? Will they receive my text?

Yes, they will still receive your texts.

Can I also use the free 5 texts to send messages to other networks?

Yes, you can also use the free texts to other networks.

I see. Is there a limit to the number of characters to my international text?

The 160-character limit will apply. Messages with 160 characters will be sent as one text. If for example, your message reaches two parts, then that means, you will consume 2 international texts from your allocation.

If I send a text to a country outside the coverage of FREE5SMS, how will I be charged?

If you send a text to a country outside the coverage of FREE5SMS, you will be charged with the regular text rate from that country. It will depend on which zone they are in. Refer to the mechanics tab for the zonal charging.

How will I know the status of my promo?

There are 2 ways to know the status of your promo. You can do this through text or *143#. Upon inquiring, you will receive a text with the name of your active promo, remaining international texts, expiration date and time.

Channel Instruction
Text Text SF5STAT to 2884
*143# Dial *143#, go to Roaming & Int'l > Roaming > Seafarer > Free SMS > Status
What if I use up all of my international texts within 30 days, how will I be charged?

Your succeeding international texts will be charged with regular roaming rates.

Can i use my freebie even if i have zero load?

Yes, you can use the freebie at zero load. But once the free allocation is consumed, regular charges apply, thus, additional load is needed beyond the 5 free texts.

What if I unsubscribe from the service before my 12 months is up? Can I register again for the free international texts?

Yes, you may register again, but the validity will be counted based on your available remaining months. It will not reset to first month. This offer is valid only on your first year as Globe Seafarer customer.

Will I be notified once I use up all of my international texts credits?

Sorry, but you will not be notified upon the full consumption of your texts. Regularly check your promo status to ensure that you have enough credits to make international calls.

Can I use FREE5SMS anywhere in the Philippines? How about if I'm abroad?

You can use FREE5SMS anywhere in the Philippines as long as your Seafarer SIM is in active roaming status, and if you still have the international text allocation. Just take note that if you call, text (if the free international texts allocation is already consumed) or surf while your roaming is still turned on, your will be charged with corresponding roaming rates.

You can also use your Free 5 international texts Globe/TM numbers that are in roaming status, but remember to turn off your roaming once you land in the Philippines.

Will I be notified if my FREE5SMS expires?

Yes, you will be notified upon the expiration of your promo.

How do I unsubscribe to FREE5SMS?

You can unsubscribe to FREE5SMS in two ways: via text and *143#.

Channel Instruction
Text Text SF5OUT to 2884
*143# Dial *143#, go to Roaming & Int'l > Roaming > Seafarer > Free SMS > Unsubscribe
When will i receive the free 5 international texts?

To get the freebie, register by dialing *143# > Roaming & Int'l > Roaming > Seafarer > Free SMS. You will receive the free 5 international text every month, based from your activation date. Activation date is the date when you first used your SF SIM. You will also receive a message when the freebie is credited.

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