Pre-Order iPhone X

I want to be one of the first to avail iPhone X (pronounced "iPhone 10")! Can you send me the details where I can pre-order?
  1. For Globe Postpaid (Consumer):
    If you're applying for a new/additional Globe Postpaid line, you may head to our Online shop at

    If you're an existing customer up for contract renewal, our friendly Globe representatives will be glad to assist you at (02) 730-1300. You're already eligible for contract renewal if there's less than thirty (30) days in your existing contract.

  2. For Globe Platinum clients:
    If you're applying for a new/additional Platinum subscription, please visit

    If you're up for contract renewal, you may contact your Relationship Manager or call 188 using your Globe mobile.

  3. For Globe myBusiness clients:
    If you're up for contract renewal, you may call (02) 730-1288.

    If you're applying for a new/additional Globe myBusiness subscription, availability will be on December 1 through your assigned Accounts Managers (AMs).

Cool! Where can I see details of iPhone X with your plans? What's your best recommended plan?

If you're applying for a new line, we recommend it at ThePLAN 1799 where iPhone X can be yours at only P3,399/month for 24 months. That's ThePLAN 1799 with a P1,600/handset cash-out and the following plan inclusions:

  1. Data allowance of 11GB (GoSURF 999/8GB plus AddSURF 99/1GB x three)
  2. Unli Allnet texts
  3. Unli Calls to Globe/TM
  4. And, freebies! (FREE 6 months Disney and Netflix, and FREE 3 months Spotify Premium)

For the full pricing details, just click on

That's great! What colors are available?

iPhone X is available in silver and space gray.

Why should I get iPhone X from Globe?

If you get iPhone X from us, you'll be able to maximize use of your device with Globe's ThePLAN together with our larger-than-life data and wonderful freebies :)

How much time do we have to pre-order iPhone X?

We share your excitement about iPhone X :) Don't worry, pre-order will run from November 24 - 30.

How does iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X compare with iPhone 7/7 Plus?

We anticipate that you'll want to compare these models so we prepared this page just for you. Click here.

Do you have a list of iPhone X features that I can view?

Sure, we do. Just click on the link for iPhone X's key features. See you at the Online shop!

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