About Reward Points FAQs

I'd like to earn reward points so I can redeem items I like; how can I earn reward points?

The amount of points you can earn will depend on your usage. The more you use your Globe mobile,the more points you earn.

If your account is within lock-up, you earn points for every usage above your monthly recurring fee. (Ex. If you are under plan 500 and your total usage is Php1,100.00, you'll earn points for Php600.00 excess usage).

If your account is free of lock-up or if you applied for a line only, you earn points based on your full usage. (Ex. If you are under plan 500 and your total usage is P1100-you earn points for P1100 usage).

How does Globe compute for my points?

If you're a Prepaid customer, your points are computed based on the total amount you load. If you're a Postpaid customer, your points are based on the total monthly usage charged to your bill.

Can friends and family subscribed to Globe pool together points to redeem a higher value reward?

Yes! Pooling points is allowed through the points transfer system. Please visit our Globe stores or dial our hotline to learn more about how points can be transferred or pooled.

I only want to use a portion of reward points that I have collected. Can I do that?

Yes you can redeem only a portion of your points if you wish. You can also use your reward points in exchange for more than 1 reward provided that the total value of the redeemable items are within the reward points you have already earned.

How can I check if I have earned reward points?

Simply text BAL to 4438. This message is FREE.

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