OFW Family Pack FAQs

What is the OFW Family Pack (OFP) Duo SIM Pack?

The OFP Duo SIM pack is a SIM pack that contains 2 SIM cards: one OFW SIM and one Family SIM.

The OFW SIM is for the person who will travel abroad, while the Family SIM is for the person/family member who will stay in the Philippines.

How much is the SIM Pack?

One OFP Duo SIM pack only costs P80!

Can I use both SIMs as a normal GHP prepaid SIM?

Sure, you can! The SIM carries all the features of a normal SIM, and both can be used as a primary SIM in the Philippines.

That's good to know! So what benefits can I get from using the OFW SIM Pack?

If you wish to be constantly in touch with a relative who will be staying or working abroad for a prolonged period, the OFW SIM Pack is the SIM that you should use! Here are some of its great benefits:

  • P1/text to OFW SIM from Family SIM
  • Access to GCASH remittance
  • It can be used with Globe Kababayan services abroad
  • It has Auto Roaming features
  • The OFW SIM will always be active as long as Family SIM performs monthly activities, like reloading, calling, and downloading!
Is the cost of calling or texting to the Philippines using the OFW SIM the same as when doing them with a regular Globe SIM in the Philippines?

No. The OFW SIM, when in roaming, will carry the cost of the carrier it uses at the country the customer is located (For example: Singtel, ATT, Sprint).

Please do take note that prepaid roaming charges will apply.

What if I already have a Globe prepaid SIM and my relative abroad also has a prepaid Globe SIM, does it mean I need an OFP SIM Pack to avail of the benefits?

No need for that! There is a simple way to link two GHP prepaid SIMS so both can have the benefits of being an OFW Family SIM pack.

Great! How can I establish a Globe to Globe link so the SIM cards can avail of the benefits of the OFW SIM?

It's really easy! Simply follow the steps below:

For the SIM in the Philippines:
Simply text REG <11-digit roaming mobile number> and send to 2884 for FREE.

For the SIM abroad:
Just text LINK <11-digit mobile number in the Philippines > and send to 2884. Note that roaming rates apply.

How many OFW SIMs can a Family SIM link with?

The Family SIM can only register one (1) OFW SIM. If you want to change the registered OFW SIM, all you have to do is text UNREG <11-digit mobile number> and send to 2884.

How many Family SIMs can the OFW SIM link with?

The SIM abroad can only link with a maximum of two (2) SIMs in the Philippines. So, if a current link has to be changed, one link has to be dropped.

To cancel the link for the SIM abroad, just text CANCEL < 11-digit Globe mobile number> to 2884. Roaming rates apply.

I want to check the link status of my SIM. What should I do?

Simply text CHECKLINK <11-digit mobile number> and send to 2884.

Please be reminded that if the checking is done abroad, prepaid roaming rates will apply.

My calls can't go through, why is that so?

Make sure you are using the correct dialing procedure.

From OFW SIM abroad to a Family SIM/Regular SIM in the Philippines: (Example: +63927123xxxx)

From a Family SIM/Regular SIM in the Philippines to OFW SIM abroad: (Example: 0927123xxxx)

Am I required to have a maintaining balance for me to maintain my OFW SIM?

There's no required maintaining balance for this SIM. However, you must keep the partner SIM active.

Can I reload my OFW SIM even when I'm abroad? How?

Yes, but that would depend on the country where you're in.

I want to know more about International Roaming! Where can I go to know more?

Vist http://roamtheglobe.ph to know more about features like Zonal Pricing, Roam Saver, Roam Unli Call & Text, Roam Lite, and many more! You can also get in touch with us through Twitter at @Talk2GLOBE, or send us a message .

You can also find answers from other customers by going to Globe Community at community.globe.com.ph.