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Reach out to your loved ones anywhere in the world

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    Experience the convenience of calling and texting abroad with Globe IDD.

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    Get the best value out of your time and money with our various offers.

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Traveling to the Philippines

Stay connected while on a business or leisure trip to the Philippines

  • Traveler SIM

    Explore a wonderful Philippines with Globe! Enjoy your visit with affordable call, text, and mobile data rates.

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  • Bridge Alliance

    Roam the Philippines with Globe and Bridge Alliance, Asia Pacific's dependable world-class mobile operators.

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Stay connected from anywhere in the world

  • Postpaid

    Fly abroad worry-free and come home happy. Get the most out of postpaid roaming without the bill shock!

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  • Prepaid

    Travel worry-free outside the country with your Globe Prepaid SIM. Stay connected with our affordable fixed rates.

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DUO International

Spend more talk time with your loved ones in the Philippines


    Stay close to family and friends even if you're away. Call the Philippines anytime you want!

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  • DUO Canada

    Keep the distance short. Make affordable calls to the Philippines from across the miles.

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  • DUO UK

    Let them know how much you miss them. Call your loved ones as often as you want.

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  • DUO Korea

    Enjoy stronger connections. Say annyeong haseyo to everyone back home anytime of the day.

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  • DUO Japan

    Stay in touch with your loved ones in the Philippines. Greet them hello or konnichiwa anytime!

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  • DUO Spain

    Hola! Get updated with what's new with your loved ones in the Philippines. Call them everyday at domestic calling rates.

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