IDD Products and Services
Feel the breeze of calling and texting abroad with Globe IDD products and services.

  • TipIDD Cards

    Reach out across the miles without stretching your budget.

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  • IDD Sakto

    Make every moment, every centavo count.

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  • IDD Tingi

    Enjoy just the right amount of time to catch up.

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IDD Promos
Choose among our different promos to get the best value out of your time and money.


    Send 100 text messages to your contacts in the Philippines and abroad for only P30/day!

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  • Super IDD

    Talk to all your loved ones anywhere in the world as long as you want, as often as you wish.

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  • Go TipIDD

    Connect to a wonderful world and enjoy IDD calls to over 250 destinations at the lowest IDD rates!

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  • Go IDD

    Make IDD calls to the US mainland, Canada, China, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand at P1.50/min.

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Travelling to the Philippines
Stay connected while on holiday or on a business trip in the Philippines

Bridge Alliance

Make sure you roam with Globe and Bridge Alliance when travelling.

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