Bridge the gap and share your love, even if you're on the other side of the world. Contact your loved ones via IDD call, international SMS, and even a photo or video MMS.

Standard International Rates

Regular IDD: $0.40/min
Regular ISMS: P10/text (Postpaid) and P15/text (Prepaid)

Photo iMMS: P20/MMS
Video iMMS: P40/MMS Video IDD: $0.40/min

To make a connection, use the regular international dialing procedure:

  • To call a landline number, dial <00> <country code> <area code> <phone number>
  • To call a mobile number, dial <00> <country code> <mobile number>

IDD Products and Services
Experience the convenience of calling and texting abroad with Globe IDD.

  • TipIDD

    Reach out across the miles without stretching your budget.

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  • IDD Tingi

    Enjoy just the right amount of time to catch up.

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IDD Promos
Get the best value out of your time and money with our variety of IDD Promos.

  • IDD Sakto

    Make every moment, every centavo count.

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    Send 100 text messages to your contacts in the Philippines and abroad for only P30/day!

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  • Super IDD

    Talk to all your loved ones anywhere in the world as long as you want, as often as you wish.

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  • Go TipIDD

    Connect to a wonderful world and enjoy IDD calls to over 250 destinations at the lowest IDD rates!

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  • Go IDD

    Make IDD calls to the US mainland, Canada, China, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand at P1.50/min.

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