Keep in touch with loved ones in the Philippines when you're in the U.S.A.



    DUO US

    Stay close to family and friends even if you're away. Call the Philippines anytime you want!

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  • Vonage®

    Vonage callers in the U.S. can now afford to talk anytime and anywhere. Enjoy 3,000 minutes of calling every month from the U.S. to ALL Globe numbers in the Philippines, from both home and mobile phones for only $29.99/mo plus taxes and fees. No annual contract!

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  • Libon Out - "Philippines with Globe" Package

    US $19.99 inclusive of 1,000 minutes of calls to Globe and TM customers

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Send phone load credits to your loved ones in the Philippines from where you are. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit your nearest accredited retail outlet.
  2. Tell the retailer how much load credits you would like to send. Denominations are PHP150, PHP300, PHP500, and PHP1,000.
  3. Give the Globe Prepaid or TM mobile number of your loved one whom you wish to send load credit to.*

After every transaction, your retailer will receive a conformation advisory while your loved ones will receive a text advisory. Along with the transaction, you can also send them a personalized message!

*Make sure that you send the correct mobile number. Once sent, each transaction cannot be cancelled.