Choose your own adventure.

Go on that bucket list trip with the data roaming offer that fits your needs. Take the plunge with Globe Postpaid and Prepaid's Roam Surf promos. Just dial *143# to subscribe.

Share your adventures using the apps you need.

Roam Viber

  • Viber with video and voice calls
  • 24 hours
  • PHP199

Roam Facebook

  • Facebook with Messenger
  • 24 hours
  • PHP299

*Prepaid Roam Facebook and Roam Viber are capped at 200 MB per day.

Discover more sights to explore with bulk data.

Roam Surf 299

  • 50 MB
  • 24 hours
  • PHP299

Roam Surf 399

  • 80 MB
  • 24 hours
  • PHP399

Go with all your heart.

Discover, experience, and share every moment of your travel adventures with your loved ones with these exclusive Postpaid Roam Surf offers.

Be ready for anything with all-day data.

Roam Surf 1 Day

  • All-day data roaming
  • 24 hours
  • PHP599

Simply turn on your mobile data to automatically activate promo.

Stay for more with the NEW Roam Surf.

The offers below are exclusive for the U.S.A., South Korea, and Australia. Your daily rates get even more affordable the longer you use it!

Roam Surf 3D

  • All-day data roaming
  • 72 hours
  • PHP1,499 or

Roam Surf 5D

  • All-day data roaming
  • 120 hours
  • PHP2,299 or

Roam Surf 7D

  • All-day data roaming
  • 168 hours
  • PHP2,999 or

Roam Surf 15D

  • All-day data roaming
  • 360 hours
  • PHP4,999 or

Roam Surf 30D

  • All-day data roaming
  • 720 hours
  • PHP8,999 or

Pre-registration is necessary before turning on mobile data and data roaming. Ensure you are connected to T-Mobile in the U.S.A., SK Telecom in South Korea, or Optus in Australia to enjoy the discounted daily rates. Fair Use Policy applies to these offers and is set at 500MB/day.

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Start surfing with Roam Surf:

  1. Select your desired Roam Surf promo.
  2. Check if the Roam Surf offer is available in the country you're visiting.

    On a mobile phone? Swipe left to see full information.

    All Roam Surf offers are available in China except for Roam Facebook.

  3. Dial *143#, select Roaming & Intl > Roaming > Data Roaming Promos to register. Registration via *143# is free and available both here and abroad.

For Postpaid Customers

    • Postpaid Roam Surf 599 doesn’t require registration. Simply turn on mobile data and data roaming and you'll automatically be charged P599 for the next 24 hours.
    • For other Roam Surf offers, you may pre-register in the Philippines for your promo to kick in when you arrive abroad.
    • For the rest of the promos, ensure your mobile data and data roaming are turned off if you do not wish to be charged the default rate of P599/24 hours. If you subscribed to an app-based or MB promo, please wait for the activation message before turning on your mobile data/data promo.
    • In the event that you can't browse with your default APN setting (, you may set this to You may need to restart your mobile device to start browsing.
    • Your Postpaid Roam Surf promo will expire if not activated within three (3) days from date or registration.

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For Prepaid Customers

    • You need a data promo to be able to browse while outside of the Philippines.
    • If you register in the Philippines, the promo subscription fee will only be deducted from your load balance upon arrival abroad.
    • If you register abroad, the promo subscription fee will be automatically charged to your load.
    • Make sure that you have enough load to avail of Prepaid Roam Surf. You'll receive a message confirming your subscription after you register.
    • Activate your promo by turning ON the cellular data switch on your phone upon arrival abroad.
    • In the event that you can't browse with your default APN setting (, you may set this to You may need to restart your mobile device to start browsing.
    • Your Prepaid Roam Surf promo will expire if not activated within seven (7) days from date of registration.

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