What is LTE?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It's an LTE technology that allows your device to process high-speed data and content. When your phone runs on an LTE signal, you can stream, download, and play more seamlessly on your phone or tablet!

How is LTE different from 3G?

With LTE, you can experience a faster, smoother, and richer wireless Internet connection than ever before! It's a mobile network technology that responds to the growing demand for mobile Internet bandwidth by providing download speeds of up to 42 Mbps.

Faster content downloads
Download files faster with LTE speeds of up to 42 Mbps!

Smoother music and video streaming
Stream music and video with less buffer time with LTE's speed that processes high-speed data.

Richer web browsing experience
Browse websites with high-resolution graphics and videos seamlessly.

How do I get the best LTE experience?

It's as easy as L-T-E! Just make sure you have an LTE-capable device that's configured with the correct LTE settings.

Level up your gadget and SIM.

Take your digital lifestyle to a whole new level with Globe LTE! Check if your area has coverage, ensure that your SIM is LTE-ready, and be sure that you have an LTE-capable device.

LTE works best with these devices.

Maximize your LTE experience with LTE-capable phones, mobile WiFis, and accessories.

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Turn on LTE on your mobile device.

Prepare your device for a blazing LTE connection with the correct settings.

Configure your phone's Internet settings. Prep up your phone for seamless video streams and faster downloads! Learn how to set up your mobile Internet using the device simulator tool.

Configure your mobile WiFi settings. Take the blazing speeds of Globe LTE anywhere! Confirm your mobile WiFi settings and change your password following this step-by-step procedure.

Are you on LTE?

Enjoy the fullest Prepaid LTE experience! Check whether your SIM has LTE capability by texting SIM CHECK to 8080. You'll get a notification saying whether your SIM is on LTE or not.

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