A Digital Nation for a Wonderful Philippines

Globe is changing the game again by embarking on a new network build that will expand capacity and coverage to deliver a truly wonderful internet experience in the country. We want to deliver a digital lifestyle to every Filipino who wants it, wherever they want it—whether on mobile, at home, or at their workplace. And so, we are continuously building more cell sites, laying down fibers, and replacing copper wires nationwide to increase the existing Globe network's capacity.

We aim to provide fast and seamless internet connectivity to 20,000 barangays in 2 million homes by 2020. We will also modernize our wireline data network to increase resiliency and reliability of enterprise connections including Business Process Outsourcing companies as they expand to provincial cities and create more jobs in areas outside the National Capital Region.

Mobile Network Upgrade Schedule

Find out if your area is included in the upcoming 3G upgrade activities. Check this page regularly for updates on our network initiatives.

Barangay Town/City Province Network Upgrade Schedule

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