Experience fast processing of your application. Simply submit one (1) of each of the following requirements to complete your application and start enjoying your new phone with myLifestyle Plan in no time!

Proof of Identity
  • Company ID
  • Driver's License
  • Passport (bearing signature)
Proof of Billing Address
  • Any Acceptable ID with Address
  • Public Utility Bills (electric, water, cable)
  • Notarized Contract of Lease
  • Airway Bill

Should be the latest copy and must not be expired.

Proof of Income
  • Computerized 1-month Payslip
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  • ITR with BIR or Bank-received Stamp (form 1700)
  • W-2 (form 2316)
  • Credit Card (swipe to charge advance monthly service fee)
  • 3-month Certificate of Allotment plus Employment Contract (for overseas workers)

Should be the latest copy and must not be expired.

Additional Requirements for Foreigners
  • I-Card
  • DOLE Employment Permit
  • Immigration Certificate of Registration
  • Special Retiree's Residence VISA (SRRV)
  • Company Guarantee (if staying less than the contract period)
  • Employment Contract or Certificate of Employment

Should be the latest copy and must not be expired.

Don't have the mentioned documents? No worries! We have other ways to apply!

  • If you're an existing Globe customer or Line-Only applicant, simply send a valid ID.
  • If you're from an OFW family, submit certificates of allotment for the last 3 months or a copy of your foreign remittance slip. They will serve as your proof of income.
  • If you're a housewife, you may present original copies of electricity bills or rental/lease of contract.

No proof of income yet? You may choose to do at least one of the following:

  • Pay a 1-month monthly service fee in advance via your credit card.
  • Get an existing Globe customer as a guarantor.


  1. Bring original copies.
  2. All applications are subject for approval. Additional requirements may be requested if deemed necessary.
  3. All listed documents are subject to change.

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