AutoloadMax (AMAX) is Globe's electronic reloading service that allows thousands of retailers nationwide to automatically reload prepaid credits to a Globe or Touch Mobile cellphone.

  1. Where to Reload via AMAX
    1. Globe Business Centers
    2. Globe AMAX retail partners nationwide: (i.e. Sari-sari stores, groceries, canteens, market stalls and many more)

    Reload Procedure

    Just go to the nearest AMAX retailer in your area to buy load, and load will be automatically sent to you!

  2. Where can I reload via AutoloadMAX?
  3. AutoloadMAX is available in Globe Business Centers (starting Nov. 7, 2003), in thousands of accredited dealers, and hundreds of thousands of small retailers like sari-sari stores, market stalls, schools, offices, canteens, groceries, bakeshops, beauty parlors and other business establishments nationwide!

  4. How do I reload prepaid credits through AutoloadMAX
  5. It's very easy. If you want to reload through Autoload Max, just try to look for the AutoloadMAX sign and you'll surely be able to buy prepaid credits and load instantly. The retailer will just make a few clicks on his mobile phone to reload prepaid credits into your Globe Prepaid or Touch Mobile account. You will receive a text confirmation to inform you of the successful load.

    UPDATE: A retailer's default PIN is system-generated and will be pushed to his/her mobile phone.

    Lost AutoloadMAX Retailer SIMS may NOW BE REPLACED at any Business Center nationwide. AutoloadMAX Retailers claiming for replacement shall completely fill-out the AutoLoadMAX Letter of Undertaking (LOU) to encourage them to take extra care of their SIMs. Subsequent replacements will mean higher penalties to be paid upon replacement as follows:


    1st loss
    SIM Card Fee - P200.00
    2nd loss
    SIM Card Fee - P200.00
    Penalty Fee - P500.00
    3rd loss
    SIM Card Fee - P200.00
    Penalty Fee - P600.00
    4th loss
    SIM Card Fee - P200.00
    Penalty Fee - P700.00
    5th loss
    SIM Card Fee - P200.00
    Penalty Fee - P800.00

    In addition, remaining load amount in the personal & commercial wallets will be TRANSFERRED to the AutoloadMAX Retailer SIM replacement.

  6. Will I be able to recover the load amount contained in my personal & commercial wallets?
  7. Yes, any remaining amount will be fully transferred to the new SIM.

UPDATE: A retailer's default PIN is system-generated and will be pushed to his/her mobile phone.


  1. Valid length of MPIN should be 6 to 10 digits.
  2. MPIN will be disabled after three (3) invalid attempts.
  3. If MPIN was disabled, kindly advise subscriber to call the AutoloadMAX Hotline* at 1-800-8-739-8168 for his MPIN reset request.
  4. After resetting, a new MPIN will be sent to the subscriber via SMS.
    Note that the new MPIN will be a system-assigned number and not the default number.



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