A prepaid promo by you, for you

February 18, 2013

Globe takes centerstage with its biggest, most innovative prepaid offer yet

Recognizing that the local banking industry is keen on embracing new IT solutions and technologies, Globe Business is actively supporting this development, particularly in the field of cloud computing.

Box office star and Globe Prepaid endorser Vice Ganda makes his own GoSakto promo

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to register to a prepaid promo that fits your needs to a T? It's like a promo that speaks volumes about who you are and your lifestyle. With the new service from Globe Telecom, you may never have to jump in or look too far to find a perfect prepaid promo that complements your communication needs.

With Globe GoSakto, gone are the days where subscribers have to content themselves with pre-made or canned promos. You can now create, customize, and design your very own prepaid promo based on your liking with GoSakto.

GoSakto, the first of its kind in the country and in the world, lets subscribers make their own prepaid promo from scratch and choose the type and number of calls, texts and data they need for the day, week, or month.

Globe Prepaid Head KD Dizon explains the GoSakto mechanics and benefits

The revolutionary and game-changing offer recognizes that prepaid subscribers have different needs when it comes to telco services, most especially promos, thus empowering them to create the perfect prepaid promo that fits their needs exactly.

From the type of promo that you want, the type of calls and texts whether within the Globe/TM network or across all networks, amount of calls, texts, and data whether bulk or unlimited, all the way to the promo validity, you have the power to create what promo suits you best. With the many levels of selection, prepaid subscribers can explore and find the best value GoSakto promo in over 2,000 possible combinations. Yes, you can have a different GoSakto promo each day for almost 6 years.

The genius innovation also makes it so easy and convenient for prepaid subscribers to access. Bring out your mobile and register via the self-service menu *143#, or via the Globe website at www.globe.com.ph/gosakto, or via the GoSakto app on Facebook available at apps.facebook.com/gosakto. You can even name your GoSakto promo bringing the personalization experience to the next level, and even let your Facebook friends register to your own promo. It's all about creating and sharing your own prepaid promo, making the GoSakto experience more fun.

The Create Your Own Valentine gift basket station

Take the case of Ann, a 23-year old a call center agent. To be constantly in touch with her barkada, she chooses the all-in-one call-text-surf promo. Since most of her friends and workmates are Globe-connected, she chooses her calls to be within the Globe/TM network. The ever-talkative Ann makes sure her calls are non-stop, so she selects the unlimited variant. But she doesn't want to lose touch with her pals from other networks, so gets the all-network text variant with 250 text messages, just enough to make them feel her presence. For a dose of Facebook and Twitter, she adds 50MB of data to know what's happening around the world. She thinks her 'masterpiece' promo can last her for 7 days, costing her a very affordable price of P217, or P31 per day. She's loud and proud with her creation, naming it the MyOwnAnn promo.

With GoSakto, subscribers are spared from promo availment barriers such as maintaining balance, capping, and limited price points. A GoSakto promo is available for as low as P7, and can co-exist with another promo, giving subscribers more value for their money.

Create your own celebration

To celebrate the big milestone, Globe recently staged an event that left its over 250 guests thrilled and excited with such an innovative concept. The Grand Ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel in Makati was turned into a mini-festival of sorts, thanks to the slew of colors, vibrant sound, and intimate atmosphere that surrounded the venue.

At the registration booth, guests were already treated to their first-ever pitstop for customization: the Create Your Own Valentine's gift basket. Chocolates and cookies from different brands filled up the guests' baskets, complete with a complimentary long-stemmed red rose. Upon entrance, their gastronomical delights were further teased with the different Create Your Own food stations such as Create Your Own Candy Mix, Ice Cream Sundae, Caesar Salad, and Taco. The greatest foodie treat above all is the Create Your Own Buffet Plate with the savory hot meals prepared by the hotel's illustrious chefs.

The program was simple and delivered the message right on the spot. Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Peter Bithos spoke about innovation and how Globe Prepaid pioneered innovative offers and experiences for its subscribers. Globe Prepaid Head KD Dizon joined hosts Globe endorsers Vice Ganda and TJ Monterde in explaining the mechanics and benefits of GoSakto. Bringing GoSakto to life are games and interactive activities that allowed the guests to try and experience the service on mobile phones and tablets. Everybody went home with a souvenir GoSakto shirt for being part of the momentous occasion.

"No customer is the same as the other. One wants more calls, another is a heavy texter, and the other enjoys browsing. One prefers 1-day promos, the other chooses those with longer validity. At the end of the day, you are the only one who truly understand and know your needs when it comes to connecting with your friends and loved ones," said KD Dizon, Head of Globe Prepaid. "Taking this consumer insight, we at Globe developed a new service that will give the subscribers the power to create and design their own promo from scratch. Through GoSakto, Globe will be the brand that makes prepaid promos more flexible, personal, and yes customizable."

So the next time you need a prepaid promo, make sure you GoSakto, the promo by you, for you.