GCash and Bux.com Empower the Philippine Unbanked Sector via mobile financial services

January 27, 2016

Manila—bux.com the world's most advanced total mobile payment solution, joins hands with G-Xchange, Inc., operator of internationally-acclaimed GCash mobile wallet, to provide financial inclusion to the Philippines' unbanked sector.

"We continue to put enormous amount of time and energy into developing partnerships to serve Filipinos worldwide and the strategic partnership with bux.com complements our thrust to empower unbanked customers and provide them access to financial services through their mobile phones while at the same time promote mobile money transactions." Xavier Marzan, GXI President.

Marzan pointed out that Filipinos who do not have bank accounts or have limited access to banks in their area will now be able to enjoy financial services, such as bills payment, mobile phone top up, and e-commerce, using their mobile phones.

Through the mobile payment solutions offered by bux.com and GCash, the unbanked Filipinos need not travel long distances to any bank and stand waiting in long lines to open bank accounts or process their payment transactions.

Likewise, the partnership also addresses the concern of many Overseas Filipino Workers on a reliable and affordable means of sending money to their loved ones in the Philippines. Using "pay anyone" function in bux.com's mobile app, an OFW may send his monthly remittances for free. The beneficiaries are assured of a fast, easy and safe access to their remittances through their GCash electronic wallet.

"This is a powerful and disruptive technology and it is now right in the hands of any OFW with a smartphone," said Andrew Webber, bux.co global CEO. "This is the change bux.com is creating for the world of payments and this becomes possible with partners like GCash."

Marzan pointed out that bux.com is not only for the unbanked sector. It also benefits anyone who are into the digital lifestyle with Globe Telecom, GXI's parent company, is espousing.

As the leading provider of digital services in the country, Globe provides a suite of products and services to complete their customers' digital lifestyle and make their experience more wonderful.