Globe: No problems in interconnection and SMS transactions with other networks

January 17, 2013

Globe Telecom confirmed that contrary to unverified reports, interconnection and SMS transactions, between its network and other telco companies is normal and running smoothly.

"Our network is not experiencing any difficulty in handling SMS traffic across networks. As far as our technical monitoring is concerned, there were no incidences of failed connections with other telco companies, whether on calls or text messages," said Globe Head of Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto.

"Our technical group reported that our network's integrity using both the modernized as well as the remaining legacy infrastructure is uncompromised and currently performs at its peak. There may be times when non-Globe subscribers may experience difficulty sending texts to our network but the problem may have to do with their transmitting home network," she added.

Crisanto cited the case of Sun Cellular's link congestion which is affecting inter-operator SMS traffic. "There is an ongoing negotiation with Sun to upgrade their links to better serve Globe customers," she said further.

The company issued the statement in response to allegations that it had difficulty processing text messages from other networks.

"We urge the public not to heed negative statements and advisories that are contrary to the actual situation on the ground," said Crisanto. "Our messaging platform is performing well, especially in light of our current modernization program, whether we receive from or send to other networks."