The Globe Rewards Program is our way of saying THANK YOU!

We're happy you've stayed with Globe. And to show you how much we appreciate this,
we're giving you awesome Rewards in exchange for the Points you've earned!
More Rewards points mean more wonderful perks from us!

Here's how it works

  • Earn Points
    Collect as much points as
    you can! Earn from Prepaid
    reloads or monthly Postpaid

  • Redeem Rewards
    Avail of mobile promos, bill
    rebates, GCs, and more! Or
    use your points as cash at
    partner stores.

  • Enjoy Perks
    Delight in special discounts,
    exclusive treats, and wonderful
    surprises just by being
    with Globe!




Turn every reload into a worthwhile experience with call, text, and surf promos.

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Get so much more from your plan with bill rebates, gift certificates, and gadgets.

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TM Rewards

Sulitin ang load—may budget promos ka na, may exciting rewards ka pa!

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Platinum Rewards

Be inspired to live your passions as you embrace life's pleasures.

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Use Points as Cash

Dine in your favorite resto, watch a film with friends, or shop at any of our partner merchants with your Reward Points!

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Bonus Points Promos

Here are some exciting promos that you can join to earn additional points!

Special Perks Promos

Gather those points and redeem these wonderful treats!