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May 5, 2016

1Q16 Analysts' Briefing

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IR Program

As a listed company in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and Philippine Dealing & Exchange Corporation (PDEx), Globe complies with reportorial requirements, rules and applicable laws as well as regulations of relevant regulatory agencies including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). More importantly, Globe recognizes its accountability to its shareholders, investors, the general investing public, and other stakeholders in providing complete, timely and accessible disclosures and reports. As such, the Company continuously makes efforts to stay connected with all of its stakeholders.

Globe's Investor Relations (IR) Program is geared towards fulfilling the Company's commitment to a transparent disclosure regime and accessibility for all its stakeholders. In addition to the annual shareholders meeting, Globe extends various venues for its stakeholders to communicate effectively with the Company through the conduct of analysts' briefings, ad-hoc briefings, investor conferences, media briefings, one-on-one or small group meetings and investor days that are organized by Globe's IR Department and/or Corporate Communications Department or in partnership with its shareholders, broker or other partner institutions. Read More »

Latest Releases

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The Company returns to its shareholders, dividends equivalent to 75%-90% of its prior year's core net income

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