Globe recognizes the importance of regular communication with our shareholders, investors, and all our stakeholders. Among other communication channels, Globe holds an annual stockholders' meeting (ASM) where shareholders are given the opportunity to raise questions and clarify issues relevant to the Company as well as on annual reports (highlights of the most recently concluded year's Company performance as reflected in the audited financial statements, and the outlook for the succeeding year) presented to them.

Notice of the ASM with agenda items and explanation thereof are released to stockholders at least 28 days before the date of the meeting. These documents are accompanied by the Definitive Information Statement, Proxy Form, and Requirements and Procedure for Voting in Absentia, and such other relevant information that form the ASM kit for our stockholders.

Download Globe's ASM-related materials and documents by year below.
Notice and Agenda with Explanation of Agenda Items
10 Dec, 2019
2.46 MB

In accordance with our Manual of Corporate Governance, the results of the ASM, including all the votes (approving and dissenting) during the meetings and the results of the organizational meeting, are made publicly available through the Globe website within 1 day from the meeting date while the minutes of the ASM are available within 5 business days from the date of the meeting. Beginning the 2019 ASM, electronic voting through remote communication or in absentia is available for Globe stockholders, pursuant to Sections 57 and 23 of the Securities and Exchange Commission's Revised Corporation Code. A designated online web address (uniform resource locator or URL) is provided to stockholders eligible to register and to vote on matters at the meeting through remote communication or in absentia through the ASM kit. A stockholder who votes through remote communication or in absentia shall be deemed present for purposes of quorum.

The Board of Directors, President and CEO, members of management, and external auditors are present to address any questions raised at these meetings.

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