At Globe, we recognize the importance of regular communication with investors, and we are committed to high standards of disclosure, transparency, and accountability. The Company aims to provide a fair, accurate, and meaningful reporting of the Company's financial performance and prospects through the annual report, quarterly financial reports, and analyst presentations.

Globe likewise holds an annual stockholders' meeting where shareholders are given the opportunity to raise questions and clarify issues relevant to the Company. The Board, President and CEO, members of management, and external auditors are present to address any questions raised at these meetings.

Inquiries by shareholders, whether by telephone, mail, or electronic mail, are dealt with as promptly as possible. Shareholders, investors, and the public may also access our website to obtain information on the Company.

Download the Notice and Agenda, Minutes, and Results of the Annual Stockholders' Meeting by year.
Amended Explanation of Agenda Items
11 Mar, 2019
1.79 MB
Proxy Form for the 2019 ASM
19 Feb, 2019
2.34 MB
Amended Agenda with Explanation of Agenda Items of the ASM
07 Dec, 2018
2.31 MB
Notice and Agenda with Explanation of Agenda Items of the ASM
06 Dec, 2018
2.25 MB

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