The Board may create committees as it deems necessary, in accordance with our By-Laws and Manual of Corporate Governance (MCG), to support it in the performance of its functions and to aid in Corporate Governance (CG). The same eleven elected directors that comprise our Board are also members of the different Board Committees. There are five Board Committees whose members were appointed at the organizational meeting held after our most recent Annual Stockholders Meeting on April 17, 2018. Each committee is subject to the authority of the Board as a whole.

Our five committees are the Executive Committee, Audit and Related Party Transactions (RPT) Committee, Compensation and Remuneration Committee, Nomination and Governance Committee, and the Finance Committee. Risk management is a responsibility shared by all board committees. Therefore, each Committee is responsible for identifying and addressing risk areas and factors that are relevant to the duties, functions and objectives of the respective Committee.

All the Committees have their own charters that are aligned with the objectives, scope, and responsibilities of each Committee as identified below:

Our Board Committee and Charters

Executive Committee

  • Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman
  • Lang Tao Yih, Arthur, Member
  • Jose Teodoro K. Limcaoco, Member 
  • Ernest L. Cu, Member
  • Samba Natarajan, Member


The committee provides guidance to management in (a) formulating the basic strategies for achieving targets set by the Board; (b) putting in place the infrastructure for control and operational risk management systems that assess risks on an integrated cross-functional approach, and review and assess the adequacy of Globe Telecom’s operational risk management process, specifically on strategic, technology, and operational risk, jointly with Management. This function shall include receiving from senior management periodic information on risk exposures and risk management activities; (c) considering and/or completing mergers, acquisitions, and strategic investments; and (d) undertaking strategic projects and significant transformation initiatives that include corporate governance campaign and sustainability programs.

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Nomination and Governance Committee

  • Rex Ma. A. Mendoza, Chairman (ID)
  • Cirilo P. Noel, Member (ID)
  • Saw Phaik Hwa, Member (ID)


The committee (a) is responsible for installing and maintaining a process to ensure that all directors to be nominated for election at the next Annual Regular Stockholders' Meeting have the qualifications and none of the disqualifications for directors stated in the company's By-Laws and MCG, and in relevant laws, rules, and regulations; (b) encourages the selection of a mix of competent directors, each of whom can add value and create independent judgment as to the formulation of sound corporate strategies and policies; (c) previews and evaluates the qualifications of all persons nominated to positions in the corporation, which require appointment by the Board.

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Compensation and Remuneration Committee

  • Rex Ma. A. Mendoza, Chairman (Lead ID)
  • Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Member
  • Lang Tao Yih, Arthur, Member
  • Cirilo P. Noel, Member (ID)
  • Saw Phaik Hwa, Member (ID)


The committee assists the Board of Directors in governance matters relating to compensation and benefits of Directors, Key Officers, and personnel of the Corporation.

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Audit and Related Party Transactions Committee

  • Cirilo P. Noel, Chairman (ID)
  • Rex Ma. A. Mendoza, Member (Lead ID)
  • Saw Phaik Hwa, Member (ID)
  • Romeo L. Bernardo, Member


The committee provides assistance to the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibility to the shareholders relating to:

  • the integrity of the financial statements and the disclosures, and financial reporting process and principles;
  • internal controls;
  • policies and processes on external/independent auditor’s appointment, enhancing independence and audit quality, remuneration, and assessment of performance of the external auditors;
  • adequacy and effectiveness of the internal audit function;
  • compliance with legal, regulatory, and corporate governance requirements;
  • risk management oversight of financial reporting, operational, and fraud risks;
  • assessment, review, approval, and disclosure of related party transactions according to Globe Telecom’s RPT policy.

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Finance Committee

  • Delfin L. Lazaro, Chairman
  • Romeo L. Bernardo, Member
  • Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Member
  • Samba Natarajan, Member


This committee oversees the corporation’s financial policy and strategy, including capital structure, dividend policy, acquisitions and divestments, treasury activities, tax strategy and compliance, retirement fund contributions, and financing proposals brought to the Board for approval.

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- “(ID)” refers to Independent Director

- All directors are non-executive directors except for Mr. Cu.

Committee Attendance

Here are the attendance of each director to his/her respective committee/s’ meetings.

7ExecutiveJaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala7-
7ExecutiveMark Chong Chin Kok11-
7ExecutiveJose Teodoro K. Limcaoco7-
7ExecutiveErnest L. Cu7-
7ExecutiveSamba Natarajan7-
7ExecutiveLang Tao Yih, Arthur26-
5AuditManuel A. Pacis5-
5AuditSaw Phaik Hwa5-
5AuditRex Ma. A. Mendoza5-
5AuditRomeo L. Bernardo33-
2Compensation and RemunerationRex Ma. A. Mendoza2-
2Compensation and RemunerationFernando Zobel de Ayala 2-
2Compensation and RemunerationRomeo L. Bernardo41-
2Compensation and RemunerationMark Chong Chin Kok11-
2Compensation and RemunerationLang Tao Yih, Arthur41-
2Compensation and RemunerationManuel A. Pacis41-
2Compensation and RemunerationSaw Phaik Hwa41-
2NominationRex Ma. A. Mendoza2-
2NominationManuel A. Pacis2-
2NominationSaw Phaik Hwa2-
6FinanceDelfin L. Lazaro33
6FinanceRomeo L. Bernardo6-
6FinanceFernando Zobel de Ayala42
6FinanceSamba Natarajan6-
1Mr. Chin Kok was a director until April 18, 2017.
2Mr. Lang Tao Yih was elected Director on April 18, 2017.
3Mr. Bernardo became a member of the Audit and Related Party Transactions Committee on May 9, 2017
4Mr. Lang Tao Yih, Mr. Pacis, and Ms. Saw became members of the Compensation and Remuneration Committee on May 9, 2017. On the same day, Mr. Bernardo was re-appointed to another Committee from the Compensation and Remuneration Committee.

Manual of Corporate Governance

Board of Directors' Charter

Certifications of Independent Directors