Globe has a comprehensive enterprise-wide compliance program. This includes, among others, the monitoring of compliance with internal policies as well as company manuals and charters and relevant laws and regulations. It aims to facilitate understanding, acceptance, and compliance by the Globe community, including the Board, Management, officers, and all employees.

In accordance with our policy as identified in our Manual of Corporate Governance (MCG), we issue a certification on our compliance with our MCG for the completed year annually. This is performed by our Compliance Officer and countersigned by our President and Chief Executive Officer.

As part of the implementation and monitoring of compliance with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code of Conduct) and internal policies, we also issue an annual certification signed by our Chief Human Resource Officer.
Download our certifications of full compliance by year below, among other relevant attestations/certifications:
Attestation on Sound Internal Controls and Compliance Systems for 2020
01 Mar, 2021
0.76 MB
Certificate of Compliance with the Code of Conduct for 2020
29 Jan, 2021
0.07 MB
Certificate of Compliance with the Manual of Corporate Governance for 2020
29 Jan, 2021
0.09 MB

Manual of Corporate Governance

Board of Directors' Charter