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Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Survive the Pandemic via AdSpark - Globe Newsroom

Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Survive the Pandemic via AdSpark

Many businesses in the country were able to survive the impact of COVID-19 through the help of AdSpark’s digital marketing solutions, which allowed them to understand the needs of consumers who had to pivot to digital transactions and activities. 

As a result, AdSpark more than doubled its revenues to Php 620 Million, from January to June this year, that’s 129% more than Php 271 million in the same period last year.  Revenues also increased by 12% to P907 million in 2020 from P808 million in 2019 despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gretchen Largoza, AdSpark President and Chief Executive Officer, attributed the impressive revenue run to three pivots that they have done.

First, the company rolled out AdSpark Intelligence to give clients real-time insights and consumer studies to help them know what people are saying and doing online.  Through AdSpark Intelligence, businesses can determine who their consumers are and tailor-fit messages and media buying to their digital attitudes and behaviors.

AdSpark also brushed up on its virtual selling skills due to social mobility restrictions that prevent face-to-face interactions.  “We can only do it online, and we really put the value upfront,” Largoza said.

Likewise, AdSpark pursued strategies to increase brand awareness to help its clients survive the headwinds caused by the pandemic. “We don’t have the luxury of trial and error so we need to achieve awareness for our brands and make them work even harder,” she said.

AdSpark is also able to synergize 917Ventures’ different portfolio companies, such as popular e-wallet service GCash, healthtech providers KonsultaMD and HealthNow, online grocery shopping platform PureGo, and loyalty and e-commerce solution provider RUSH.

“One of the impactful milestones that we were able to do was open up GCash, for example, to be a publisher, wherein different brands and clients were able to talk to the 40 million subscribers of GCash,” Largoza said. 

Among these initiatives are ThoughtSparkers, Spark Series, and Spark Cast, all designed to make it easy for businesses and their consumers to harness the power of data and creativity. 

AdSpark focuses on ThoughtSparkers to fuel digital media expertise and innovation. ThoughtSparkers is an audience-building tool and influencer in studying the Filipino consumerscape and psyche.

Likewise, in partnership with Globe Business, AdSpark continues its Spark Series, an exclusive webinar series for brands that tackle emerging trends and key Pinoy consumer shifts. Spark Cast on the other hand, is an initiative to further strengthen collaborations with Podcast Network Asia, to help accelerate the potential of Philippine Podcast Advertising.

“Anchoring in our connectivity foundation and this new normal we’re all living in, we will utilize our unfair and differentiated advantage with our first-party data, profiling and intelligence to scale even more our Digital Media Expertise in AdTech, Innovation and Creativity,” she said.

AdSpark is an Ad Tech agency accelerating its Digital, Creative, and Media products and services that helps brands create human connections through digital and intuitive advertising solutions.  It is under 917Ventures, the country’s largest corporate venture builder wholly-owned by Globe.

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