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KodeGo to Address Tech Skills Gap with Salesforce Bootcamp - Globe Newsroom

KodeGo to Address Tech Skills Gap with Salesforce Bootcamp

Continuing its mission to elevate the skills of tech professionals and address the unemployment gap in the country, KodeGo is launching its latest program that will certify participants in the use of the Salesforce platform and allow them to secure jobs in top tech companies.

Through an eight-week training program in partnership with Third Pillar, KodeGo, a Philippine-based coding bootcamp under Globe’s 917Ventures, will help students land a job as a Salesforce administrator once they pass the certification process. 

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution used by some of the largest tech companies globally for sales, service, marketing, collaboration, and analytics. Its award-winning features have driven the demand for IT professionals well-versed in the platform.

“We created this bootcamp as the demand for Salesforce administrators and developers is growing. We are confident that the skills gained by our students will open doors for them and increase their chances of getting hired by international companies that use the software,” said Pierre Guyon, Venture Builder of KodeGo.

The special bootcamp does not require any upfront fees to join and follows a “study now, pay later” scheme. Students will only start paying for the bootcamp once they get hired by KodeGo’s exclusive network of top companies in the Philippines, including Globe and 917Ventures’ portfolio of digital startups.

In addition, the certification fees that usually come with similar programs and range up to 200USD will be covered by hiring companies at no cost to the students.

The upcoming bootcamp will be KodeGo’s fourth in less than six months. The startup’s training programs on full-stack web development and data science have helped bridge the gap between the unfilled tech positions in top companies and the lack of technical skills among aspiring tech employees. In fact, 91% of KodeGo’s students land a tech job within four weeks after graduation.

“The digital transformation brought by the pandemic has created opportunities for both tech companies and employees. Through KodeGo’s study now, pay later scheme and company matching services, we are able to produce quality tech talents that are capable of innovating in their respective placements,” said Vince Yamat, 917Ventures Managing Director.

KodeGo is one of the business ideas taken in by 917Ventures under its Velocity program for promising ventures. 917Ventures, a fully-owned subsidiary of Globe and the largest corporate venture builder in the Philippines, continues to ideate, launch, and accelerate business ideas in the fields of e-commerce, healthtech, fintech, adtech, and other digital initiatives.

917Ventures’ portfolio of companies includes mobile money service giant GCash, digital marketing firm AdSpark, telehealth companies KonsultaMD and HealthNow, customer engagement and loyalty undertakings RUSH, as well as online grocery shopping PureGo.  

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