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RUSH Empowers Brands to Understand Customer Behavior - Globe Newsroom

RUSH Empowers Brands to Understand Customer Behavior

Loyalty and eCommerce enabler RUSH makes it easier for brands to earn customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases, by empowering them with the right tools to better understand customer behavior.

A powerhouse when it comes to fostering customer relationships, RUSH operates the loyalty programs of some of the biggest brands in the Philippines like Globe Telecom, Shakey’s, and Unilever. RUSH has taken its expertise in the loyalty field to level up its eCommerce solution, the RUSH eStore.

RUSH empowers brands to do more than just selling by offering capabilities for businesses to better understand each customer; through effortless customer segmentation based on demographics and purchase patterns, paired with multi-channel customer engagement possibilities.

“RUSH understands the needs of local businesses to connect. We allow businesses to build a direct relationship with their customers, unlike aggregators or marketplaces. Through the RUSH eStore, we can close the loop in terms of the acquisition, conversion, and retention for brands as they journey through the digital highway,” said Stephanie Kubota, RUSH Chief Executive Officer.

For brands that are struggling to bring traffic to their eCommerce platform, RUSH has partnered with GCash, the leading finance app in the country, through GLife.

“It is easy to get lost in a crowd with everyone and almost everything online. With RUSH in GLife, we empower brands to be accessible to millions of users from day one. Not only are we helping businesses grow, but we are also joining GCash’s vision in enriching the digital lifestyle of Filipinos,” Kubota said.

GLife is a one-stop digital platform that meets customers’ various lifestyle needs from food, beauty essentials, groceries, to entertainment. GLife is the latest addition to the GCash’s wide range of services and offerings.

Through GLife, brands can bring their products and services to nearly 40 million GCash users, attract new customers and engage with existing ones. As businesses create mini-apps within GLife, they can maintain their brand identity while enabling a great user experience leveraging GCash's simple sign-on and payment functionalities.

On the other hand, RUSH onboards its brand partners on GLife with their pioneering eCommerce solution embedded into the GCash app. RUSH also enables brands to communicate and engage directly with their desired audience, ultimately building lasting relationships with customers.

Established in 2016, RUSH offers digital innovation tailored to meet the growing demand for accessible and easy-to-use programs to bring businesses into the digital space seamlessly. Its white-label apps and services are utilized by over 100 top-notch companies with 27 million registered users.

RUSH and GCash propel businesses to embrace digital transformation and allow brands to succeed in new marketing channels. They are under the umbrella of 917Ventures, the country’s largest corporate venture builder. 917Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe. 

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