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RUSH Launches Digital and Data Program with Unilever U-COIN - Globe Newsroom

RUSH Launches Digital and Data Program with Unilever U-COIN

RUSH, a 917Ventures, Inc. loyalty and e-commerce solutions provider, has launched a partnership with Unilever through a digital rewards program called U-COIN. U-COIN is a web-based platform that provides consumers with a more rewarding shopping experience through incentives for customers when they buy Unilever products. Customers can now earn points through engaging with any of Unilever’s channels, be it offline or online, and even through participation in brand activities. Additionally, customers can visit to  monitor their earnings and redeem amazing rewards from the catalog. 

Membership to U-COIN is free and accessible to all regardless of network, which aligns with Unilever’s value of touching lives across their various brands and initiatives.  As a hub for innovative data-driven marketing and collaborative culture, Unilever’s vision of an agile platform that aggregates digital rewards from different partners was an advantage that RUSH readily delivered. 

Wence Wenceslao, Digital Hub Lead for Unilever Philippines, said that meaningful engagement is important to Unilever. “With U-COIN, we get to continuously reward people through a single digital currency for engaging with Unilever. And it also democratizes how they choose their rewards. We recognize that the unique positioning of Unilever as an FMCG is that we touch lives, across our different brands and initiatives. U-COIN helps consolidate that view for us to better provide more relevant experiences for them." 

Through this partnership, consumers nationwide are able to maximize the value of their hard-earned peso, while being able to share the perks and rewarding experiences with their loved ones.

Glenn Estrella, Head of Acceleration Group for 917Ventures shares that “RUSH remains firm in our commitment to enable businesses in fostering stronger and long lasting relationships with their customers through digital solutions. Through our strength in data collection and processing, we have provided our partners the capability to understand their audience better, allowing them to create the most relevant and appealing offers. With U-COIN, Rush has once again been able to seamlessly  connect Unilever to their customers in a more meaningful and impactful way.” 

“U-COIN is a strategic digital program for Unilever Philippines. Aside from making consumer and customer engagement more rewarding, U-Coin also unlocks data, single customer view and lifetime value measurement in an interconnected and data-driven digital ecosystem that is slowly becoming cookieless,” says Dennis Perez, Unilever’s Media Director.

The experience encompasses various customer experiences, be it purchasing Unilever products, answering a survey, or simply engaging with a Unilever brand. More so, with U-COINs they’ve earned, consumers may purchase amazing gifts from Unilever’s partners for daily essential needs, mobile load, mobile data, travel, shopping, and more. 

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