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Adapt to a New Way of Learning with Globe

By now, the world has come to accept how the pandemic has radically changed our systems—especially those that enable us to teach and help us to learn. After adapting to a fully remote educational environment, teachers and students are now readjusting to hybrid schooling. 

One of the most agile educational institutions, Coronado’s School of Quezon City, knows just how important it is to equip themselves with the right digital tools and technology—and to work hand-in-hand with the right partner that will ensure seamless connectivity for everyone.

“The lockdowns made it imperative to leverage technology in the fast changing education-industry landscape. Coronado is committed to supporting digital learning. The implementation of various systems made entering the 'Now Normal' more seamless,” said Noel Coronado, President of Coronado’s School.

Coronado’s School, founded by Dr. Lourdes Coronado, Ed.D in 1999, was quick to adapt to their students’ and teachers’ needs. At the height of the pandemic, it established its new subsidiary “Coronado Online School,” which aims to offer a new learning modality that makes use of technology to deliver quality education to the school’s entire community. Also in the pipeline is the plan to put up a Coronado Online School headquarters that would serve as a base of operations for Coronado.

Such plans, along with upcoming hybrid classes, are the reasons behind Coronado’s School’s connectivity partner of choice: Globe Business. In preparation for the coming school year, Coronado’s School will be distributing over a thousand units of Globe Prepaid Internet Kits for Learning to its students upon enrollment. Powered by Globe’s mySchool300 promo, students will have access to 30GB of data valid for 30 days, which they may use to access learning apps such as Canva, Zoom, Google Classroom, and more.

Its plug-and-play design makes the Prepaid Internet Kits for Learning a highly convenient solution for students who may have connectivity problems. Globe Business also has in place a seamless load distribution to ensure that these kids are always online for school.

“Overall, Globe’s Connectivity Solutions helped Coronado bridge the gap in online learning,” Coronado said.

According to KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business MSME Group, Globe is committed to the improvement of the Philippines’ educational system through these measures: affordable connectivity, accessible platforms, and safer learning environments.

“Globe Business takes pride in enabling schools such as Coronado’s School of Quezon City with our products and services,” Dizon said. ​​”In line with our efforts for education, we continuously innovate our digital and connectivity solutions to help ease the struggles of Filipinos. As the technology enabler of choice for educational institutions, we will continue to uplift the sector through programs and solutions that will enable a new learning ecosystem in the Philippines, giving students the chance for a better tomorrow."

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