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Celebrating & Empowering Educators in Forefront 2023

Globe Business Celebrates and Empowers Educators in Forefront 2023: The National Conference on Digital Learning

Globe Business recently hosted Forefront 2023, a National Conference on Digital Learning designed to ignite minds and inspire a great future. Honoring the invaluable contribution of educators, the event aimed to empower teachers with resources and new knowledge to help them better perform their critical role in shaping the country’s future. 

Recognizing the pivotal role of teachers, Globe Business collaborated with the National Teachers’ Month Coordinating Council (NTMCC), the National Educators' Academy of the Philippines (NEAP), and the National Teachers College (NTC) to bring together attendees from across the country. With its theme “Together4Teachers,” this year’s celebration focused on four pillars – Appreciation, Admiration, Approval, and Attention.

Forefront 2023 was designed to delve into innovative online learning approaches while providing educators nationwide with a well-deserved respite from their hectic daily routine.

“At Globe Business, we have always been at the forefront of advocating for digital literacy and inclusion to uplift education. We firmly believe that technology has the power to transform the way we learn and teach. That is why we have been staunchly providing support to our hard-working teachers.  Teachers’ dedication, passion, and love for teaching have laid the foundation for countless success stories in our nation,” said KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business.

The hybrid conference featured esteemed speakers such as Dir. Jennifer Lopez of the National Educators’ Academy of the Philippines emphasized the importance of gratitude and appreciation in education. 

Dir. Jennifer Lopez at Forefront 2023

“Gratitude is not merely a sentiment but a powerful force that fuels motivation, inspires growth, and strengthens the bonds of our educational community,” she said.

Dr. Edward Quinto, Associate Professor and Director at Mapua University, talked about the resilience and adaptability of teachers in the face of rapid digital change.  

Dr. Edward Quinto at Forefront 2023

“Teachers may be powerless in policy but can be powerful in practice. We should not let the gap between power and powerless widen. To bridge the gap between policy and practice, we must engage in meaningful conversations and create spaces for honest, healthy, and supportive discourses,” he said. 

National Teachers College VP for Academic Affairs Edizon Fermin, recognized Filipino teachers' dedication and innovation in nurturing the future generation.  He praised their “Husay at tatag in ensuring continuity of learner access and experience, husay at tiyaga in exploring a variety of alternative delivery modalities, and husay at tapang in overcoming barriers to safe and secure management.”

Edizon Fermin at Forefront 2023

Meanwhile, Ateneo de Manila University Institute for the Science and Art of Learning and Teaching (SALT) Director Galvin Ngo focused on the evolving needs of teachers in the digital age, emphasizing collaboration, professional development, and mentorship.  He noted, “In professional development, faculty collaboration is important and crucial as we navigate questions with unclear answers.”

Galvin Ngo at Forefront 2023

Forefront 2023 showcased Globe Business's unwavering dedication to elevating the realm of education through innovative solutions, collaborative efforts, and collective visions. Beyond honoring educators, the event equipped them with essential resources and insights, empowering them to thrive in the dynamic landscape of digital education.

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