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Globe Cloud Solutions Ready to Bridge Companies to Digital Transformation

Serving customer needs and staying ahead of the competition is challenging enough without a pandemic dampening economic activity. For most businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic is a turning point.  For some, this crisis presents opportunities for enterprises willing to explore new ways of succeeding.

To ensure business resilience, Globe Business helps organizations recreate and adopt the best-of-breed public cloud and SaaS solutions by leveraging the most advanced tools and technology available. Now, companies can enable remote work and automate operations to the maximum extent.

“Companies that embrace change will emerge from the crisis stronger and more resilient. Those who fail to adapt will be at a competitive disadvantage. The world has changed, and with it, so has IT,” explained Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business. “Cloud-empowered companies can use digital channels to bring their services to customers whose mobility has been hindered. Moving data and operations to the Cloud also ensure that workloads are always available, readily accessible, and easily recovered.”

Maquera further touched on how the Cloud has been beneficial to various industries. For instance, the financial services industry uses the Cloud to deliver new applications that encourage financial inclusion and digital transactions. The retail sector, on the other hand, takes advantage of the Cloud’s ability to provide improved customer experience and resilient infrastructure to match growing market demand. Further, the Cloud has supported the continuity of IT-BPO operations by enabling employees to securely access their work, even from home. He also cited the Cloud’s pay-per-use pricing model which allows industries, such as manufacturing, to automate processes, harness data, and optimize costs by limiting heavy investments on legacy infrastructures that are not only expensive but also subject to wear-and-tear.

Having gone through its own cloud transformation journey, Globe Business knows the value of having a trusted cloud services partner. Globe Business and its cloud consultancy partner, Cascadeo, help companies to right-size their costs versus their business outcomes. Cascadeo’s professional consulting services, managed cloud services, and well-architected reviews help clients reduce their cloud spend, without reducing their operational efficiency.

Over the past decade, Cascadeo, a premier cloud consulting partner and managed services provider to the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft, has built a strong cloud engineering and operations team in the Philippines.  With Globe's investment in Cascadeo, the telco giant now uses it as a cornerstone of its Cloud Solutions.

“Through our partnership with Globe Business, we can bring the best aspects of our services and experience to the Philippine enterprise market,” says Jared Reimer, Founder and CEO of Cascadeo. “This means that we can also help more Philippine companies succeed in their cloud journey, even in times of crisis.”

As a trusted business advisor, Globe Business constantly leverages the strengths and expertise of renowned cloud providers. By working with credible partners such as Cascadeo, and revisiting its own experience as a digital transformation catalyst, Globe continues to save companies time, cost, and effort in migrating to the cloud to ease their transformation journey.

Keep your day-to-day operations agile, efficient, and resilient despite challenges. Discover new opportunities to scale your business with Globe Cloud Solutions. To learn more, arrange a consultation with your dedicated Globe Business Account Manager or visit our website today.

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