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EntrepNegosyo & Emarket Partners with Globe myBusiness

EntrepNegosyo & Emarket Partners with Globe myBusiness: Strengthening Businesses’ Online Presence & Growth

Get the tools you need to start your own business with the help of EntrepNegosyo and Emarket.

During this difficult period we’re currently living in, online communities have become an essential source of support, both for businesses and consumers. The new normal has forced many companies, from big to small, to take operations online lest they get left behind by the new and ever-changing landscape.

Thankfully, platforms like EntrepNegosyo PH and, which recently joined the Globe Partner Network, have stepped in to lend a helping hand to the community of buyers and sellers to facilitate an easy exchange. Globe Partner Network is a program that aims to foster an ecosystem of Tech Experts with SMEs. With this partnership, EntrepNegosyo, Emarket, and Globe myBusiness help SMEs grow their businesses

Advocating Entrepreneurs' Need Through Professional 

The man behind EntrepNegosyo and Emarket is Johanson Dy Cheng,  industrial designer turned banker with a passion for entrepreneurship. Cheng used his professional experience both in the private and volunteer sectors to successfully establish EntrepNegosyo back in 2005. His mission is to provide business news, bulletins, research, and reports on technological advancements that would help promote entrepreneurial literacy for the business community. 

Apart from being an information and insights gateway, EntrepNegosyo offers consultancy services and serves as a bridge between young entrepreneurs and already well-established and successful business owners and tycoons, both local and international. Cheng also adds, “It aims to assist MSMEs to promote and sell their products and services, connect with new customers, and keep existing customers. It aims to be the top of mind community for consumers who are looking for reliable products and services.”

Emarket, on the other hand, is the online marketplace arm of EntrepNegosyo, a Business-to-Business (B2B)  and Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C) driven website. Since its inception, it’s become an avenue for providing services such as product sourcing, e-commerce solutions, and product delivery. 

Emarket also offers a 24/7 customer care and social media support, Shopify web design services, and digital marketing training. 

To date, the website now has more than 8,000 start-up subscribers and SMEs who are making full use of this valuable portal. As it connects start-ups with more established businesses, it also provides a place where the community can share resources and expand their businesses while networking with one another. 

Driving Partnerships to Boost Entrepreneurs' Success in the New Normal

Most recently, EntrepNegosyo has become an asset during the pandemic for its members who sell food, home, and other essential items that are needed during this difficult time. They do this by helping them set up their own online stores and connecting them with customers. This is crucial now, as Cheng says, “We need to educate people and businesses on having a contingency plan on how to earn online.” 

“Good news for our EntrepNegosyo members is that we partnered with Globe myBusiness and Union Bank Global linker for an e-commerce platform,” Cheng adds. Through this platform, EntrepNegosyo can assist members in creating professional and successful online stores.

Being part of the Globe Partner Network, EntrepNegosyo has also remained resilient amid the pandemic through its numerous system integration solutions and exclusive partner perks. Among these integrations is the ability to have partner businesses avail of Globe MyBusiness plans through EntrepNegosyo Philippines’ communities. The partnership has also helped revitalize EntrepNegosyo’s branding by infusing its website with a fun but professional design.

Like Globe myBusiness, EntrepNegosyo’s and Emarket’s missions are to enable and support Filipino enterprises and make them globally competitive. With Globe myBusiness empowering EntrepNegosyo and Emarket, these companies can continue reaching out to entrepreneurs who need support now more than ever, or as Cheng mentions, “to help them grow online and bounce back.”

Cheng’s two online ventures are just one of the many businesses Globe myBusiness has been helping to take Filipino entrepreneurs to the forefront of the digital landscape. Interested in becoming part of Globe’s Partner Network to expand your business, increase trust, and get exclusive perks? Sign-up here for a consultation. (

Think you could use EntrepNegosyo’s or Emarket’s expert assistance? Get in touch to find out how you can collaborate with them.

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