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Leading Better, Succeeding Better: Entrepreneurial Tips and Lessons from Globe Business

Highlighting the value of resilient leadership to any business, the virtual Globe Business event ”Game Changer 2021: How to Lead Better in Today’s Changing Times” provided a venue for MSMEs to network and learn relevant insights from industry experts as they shared their knowledge and experiences in leading better during this challenging time. 

Game Changer 2021 Panelists

Over 330 participants from different industries, such as information technology, education, finance, tourism, hospitality, and health attended the event to learn game-changing tips and solutions to improve their businesses. 

In the Game Changer Elevator Pitch segment of the event, three entrepreneurs were each given 60 seconds to pitch their products and services to business owners all over the Philippines. Meanwhile, the Fireside Chat segment allowed top business experts such as Francis Kong, President of Success Options, Inc.; Hanky Lee, Innkeeper of The Henry Hotel; Yayu Javier, President and Chief Operating Officer at Avanza, Inc.; Ryan K. Cruz, Founder and Managing Director of Nippon Hasha Inc.; and Grace Anduiza, Head of Customer Success to answer hard-hitting questions that have shaped their companies and practices into the resilient game-changers they are today.

When asked about how companies today should embrace change, Hanky Lee advised, “Making a stand should resonate well. For example, if something contravenes our core values as a company, then we have to say no because that is not who we are.”

Francis Kong stressed the importance of failures, encouraging leaders to not be afraid to make mistakes. “I wouldn’t want to communicate a message like, ‘If you fail, that means you are not acceptable.’ I would like my people in my organization to understand that failing is part of success.”  

Despite their different opinions on some matters, the invited and accomplished leaders agree that successfully managing a business is equal parts experience and data. “There are major decisions wherein you just have to trust your gut, and through experience, you are able to do something immediately rather than wait for the data," Grace Anduiza, Head of Customer Success of Globe Business, said. 

More thought-provoking topics such as remote work sustainability, social media perception, digital transformation, and even vaccination accessibility were tackled, with the discussion moderated by Birdie Salva, General Manager, and Design Researcher at Curiosity. 

As the MSMEs’ partner in their digital transformation journey, Globe Business aims to provide avenues for C-Suite executives through the Globe Business Upstart Loyalty Program, where they can grow as leaders through Digital Leadership masterclasses and employee training, get access to new markets and business consultations with Business Enablement, and expand their network via Exclusive Partnership programs. 

This event is part of the Saludo SMEs campaign that gives tribute to the country's SMEs by honoring and celebrating their ability to adapt and move forward. With this year’s theme “Through The Changing Times, Tuloy Tayo!” Globe Business strengthens its support to Filipino entrepreneurs through various programs that will help them thrive.

Learn more about Globe Business’ loyalty program here.

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