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There is Strength in Digital Systems: First-Hand Experiences of Globe’s Brightspace LMS Users

Keep both your students and teachers happy with the easy-to-use, comprehensive, and flexible Globe’s Brightspace LMS

When it comes to school digitization, two of the most asked questions are “Is it easy?” and “Is it affordable?” Efficiency and value for money are indeed important criteria in finding education solutions, especially in terms of the virtual demands brought about by the pandemic. 

And it isn’t just the students or the parents that grapple with the transition, schools and teachers also face similar challenges.  Globe’s  E-Skwela series empowers families and institutions with  insights from industry experts and experienced users on effective and easy ways of integrating technology in education.

During the February 11 webinar on “Empowering Educators and Students: A Learning Management System in Focus”, two educators and school administrators weighed in on the collaborative, experiential, and reflective benefits of switching to innovative online systems.

It’s Time for Easy, Flexible, and Intelligent Learning Systems

Dr. Michael M. Quilang, Founder and Director of Top Achievers Private School, Inc., highlighted their school’s experience in using Globe’s Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS)

“We have online access to tuition fee payments and students’ profiles and grades, plus a platform to communicate with parents,” he said. “Many got intimidated at first, especially when we introduced the system to the parents. They would tell us, ‘we’ll just go to the school to get those documents and other files.’ But after using LMS, they didn’t seem to want to anymore. It turned out they enjoyed the benefit of utilizing it.”

Easy, flexible, and intelligent, Globe’s Brightspace LMS helps schools and teachers explore educational methods, facilitate timely feedback, and improve student interaction. It also gives parents easy access to data, making it a credible substitute for physical learning and school visits.

Quilang believes that Learning Management Systems are here to stay even when classes can safely resume again. These are gateways to introducing better approaches in the classroom that lets teachers and students focus on the most important aspects of learning. Schools can even reach more students beyond their locale. With an LMS like Brightspace only requiring a basic internet connection, it’s a system that can be embraced by many.

LMS Supports Your Schools’ Principles & Values

Hans dela Cerna de Barras, Founder and Director of Rosemont Hills Montessori College in Cebu, also shared the advantages of going digital, having taken the Brightspace LMS in August 2020.

“Our goal is for our students to be able to express themselves and to enjoy what they are doing, and one of the best ways to express themselves is to collaborate with others, be that their fellow students or their teachers,” he said. “And we saw how happy our students are by looking at their comments in the chatbox and emails within the system.” According to him, LMS also allows students to maximize their liberty to choose classes, which contributes to increased engagement. 

Because Brightspace is customizable, it helped Rosemont Hills Montessori College to transition to their own LMS they have dubbed as VirtRAiLS (Virtual Rosemont Academic i-Learning System).  They’ve made it to further support and highlight the school’s Montessori principles. As Mr. de Barras said, “We want to give quality education, and technology [is] the answer to continuously provide quality education.”

“LMS helps alleviate the pain points of the processes,” Mark Abalos added, Segment Head for Education at Globe. “We already have the pedagogy and the curriculum, so the next priority is to integrate technology in the classroom.”

Today, maintaining adaptable teaching and producing competitive learners lie in strengthening digital education. Apart from affordability and convenience, asking whether a learning system is more comprehensive and effective than the alternative should be raised. Globe’s Brightspace LMS covers all that.

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