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Future-Proof Your Business with Globe myBusiness: Reinvented and Reimagined so You’re Ready for Anything

Even with the world slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that the extended period of lockdown has caused a profound impact on consumer behavior. This palpable shift in consumer behavior has an implication on industries in consumer packaged goods, retail, and more. With customers preferring to go digital, businesses must be prepared and quick to adapt as well. At a time when your business must be ready for anything, Globe myBusiness helps make sure that your business delivers. 

Globe myBusiness solutions allow businesses to reach more customers through different relevant channels and at the same time help the business achieve operational efficiency and streamline back-end operations to become more agile and deliver more value to its customers. In line with this, Globe myBusiness offers exclusive bundles to new and existing customers on any mobile or broadband plan. Products included in the bundle are digital solutions such as M360 - an SMS-based broadcast, GCash for Business, KonsultaMD, Rush Loyalty, Google Workspace, Cloud Payroll and HR Information System (HRIS), and Vehicle Tracker.

So how exactly do these basic to complex digital solutions from Globe help businesses adapt to the digital age? 

  • By digitizing traditional business processes for improved efficiency. One such solution is Google Workspace. It minimizes the need for physical documents and helps improve productivity, communication, and collaboration between employees through the in-meeting application Google Meet.
  • By streamlining internal processes with the help of GCash and M360. GCash is used for contactless disbursement of allowances and salary to employees, whereas M360 is used for reminders and announcements to the workforce, and is also utilized by retail business owners as a means of reaching out to customers for updates and promotions.
  • By hastening business processes and providing up-to-date monitoring. For businesses handling deliveries or those in the logistics industry, Globe’s vehicle tracker is quite useful. With customers constantly following up on deliveries and the status of their orders, the vehicle tracker can provide continuous monitoring of the fleet and deliveries of the business. 

Other than solutions, Globe myBusiness also offers Rush Loyalty which is Globe’s loyalty platform where customers can earn and avail points, rewards, and stamps from merchants. The Globe bundle also offers KonsultaMD, which is a 24/7 health hotline service that ensures your business’ staff get access to medical assessment and information by licensed and skilled Filipino doctors over the phone. 

Customers who are applying for new lines or those with an existing mobile or internet plan who avail any of the digital solutions (M360, GCash for Business, KonsultaMD, Rush Royalty, Google Workspace, Cloud Payroll and HR Information System (HRIS), and Vehicle Tracker), are eligible for a cashback promo via GCash. 

In Globe myBusiness, we believe that consumer behavior will continue to evolve. As such, businesses that are already adopting digital strategies are sure to be ready for anything. With the help of Globe myBusiness, your business can adapt and shift gears to stay competitive in a fast-paced, digital age.

Ready your business for anything

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